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hickok: Restore calibrate and modify this hickok 539c in europe

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Cristian Fiscuci
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27.Aug.17 14:25

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I want to purchase a device like this from USA. The thing is I do not know how to calibrate and service this machine proper.

Because it is expensive with shipping and postage, is there someone who can service and calibrate it in a professional way? In europe?

I do not want to ask this question after I spend 1500dollars on the unit.

Any advice and recomandations are much apreciated.


Best regards,


Michael Watterson
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31.Aug.17 19:45

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You'd likely be better to buy a European tester, or maybe a UK AVO.

See also uTracer by Dekker. A cheap modern tester.

Some testers are only really simple go/fail. Not so useful unless testing all the tubes/valve in a TV. With rarer valves some sort of better tester is of more use as a 40% or even 30% emission tube might be fine. You want to be able to test inter-electrode leakage.

For restoration of radios, it's better to know the circuit is correct, leaky capacitors replaced. Dried out PSU electrolytics replaced etc, rather than using a tube tester which was of more value to test new tubes arriving in bulk or tubes in a new TV or Radio.

I only use my tester and the AVO vCM 163 I borrowed for doing curves to design new circuits or test unusual working NOS parts.

It depends what you want the tester for. The manual of any tester explains calibration.