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saba: 8.5 volt lamp replaced with CM342 from Mouser.

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Paul E. Pinyot † 2013
Paul E. Pinyot  † 2013
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20.Jan.11 06:20

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 Here is a close replacement for the 8.5 volt 0.15a globular lamp

for the Saba Freiburg
I had no success locating the 8.5 volt push button lamps for a Saba Vollautomatic Freiburg 14 radio.  I read all the translated comments about the lamps. There was a source 8.5v lamp mentioned. However they did not carry the lamp anymore (unless I did not translate properly). I tried several Midget based lamps and found one acceptable lamp still in production and carried by a vendor for reasonable cost.
The Lamp I used is a Chicago Miniature Co., number 342, 6 volt 0.04 amp 10,000 hour long life T-1 ¾. Mouser Part Number 606-CM34, $1.20 ea.,  10 for $10.80.  I purchased ten.
The low current rating yields the low lumens output simlar to the 8.5 volt globe lamp. It is a close match. And much better than a dark push button.  
I have some pictures to show you:
New 342 6v 0.04a lamp
Origonal 8.5 volt 
Button Lamps compaired to dial scale lamps
Button lamp compared to dial scale lamps (Stereo and Music)
An alternative it to use a 6 volt midget base lamp and a current limiting device (resistor, diode, etc) to adjust the intensity. I found using 342 lamps to be much simpler, did not modify the circuit architecture or add additional points of failure.
I changed all the button lamps so the intensities match. It looks good. But I do not have a completed radio picture. The owner shipped only the chassis. And it does have an undamaged dial glass.  And you can bet I shipped the glass back in a separate wood box and not on the chassis.
If you find viable lamp alternatives, some lamps and current limiting solutions to be considered and tested please mention them.
Thank you,

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