Technical specifications

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Technical specifications 
19.Nov.18 18:05

Pier Antonio Aluffi (I)
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Pier Antonio Aluffi

LC78646E is a single chip for RF signal processing, servo control, EFM signal processing, audio signal processing for audio CD
It is an LSI integrated on a chip, and the system can be constructed with only a few peripheral parts. The RF signal processing section performs an EFM signal
Generation of an error signal, laser power control, and the like are performed. The servo control unit performs the servo control from the RF signal processing
FE, TE, PH, BH signals are A / D converted, and focusing, tracking, threading, and spindle necessary for CD servo
The servo processing is performed digitally, and the control signal to each actuator is D / A converted and outputted. EFM signal
The processing unit has demodulation of EFM signal, synchronization detection / protection / interpolation, deinterleaving, error detection correction function.
The audio signal processing unit performs interpolation / muting processing of data according to the error correction situation, 8 times over sampling
A one-bit DAC and a second-order LPF (differential amplifier). The state and characteristics of each function block are
Settings and data can be read via the microcomputer interface.

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