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testing 6BN8 with F W19

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Bruno Gandolfo-Canepa
Bruno Gandolfo-Canepa
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08.Mar.17 02:36
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Dear Members,

It can be possible test the 6BN8 with the Funke W19?

I have not been able to find the Karte to test the 6BN8 in my W19.

Thanks in advance,


Bernhard Nagel
Bernhard Nagel
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10.Mar.17 16:44

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the 6BN8 can be tested with cards no. 1187 (triode section), 1188 (diode 1) and 1189 (diode 2). If you don't have these cards available you can plug the test condition by using the comprehensive book "Das Röhrenmessgerät Funke W19" by Mr. K.F. Müller. All known test cards have been listed there and checked for errors which often happened when Max Funke released cards for the W19 or W20 tube tester.

Please refer to the forum post Prüfkarten zum Röhrenprüfgerät Funke W19, W19S, W18, W20, the second post from Martin Renz has a protected and searchable pdf file for download available.

By typing the card no. or tube type designation in the Acrobat Readers search, you will see at page 340 the 3 needed configurations.

Just plug the pins in the numbered holes of your W19 as stated at the top, put the 6BN8 into the Noval holder. Two values for the anode current are shown: 1.2 and 1.8 mA. The first represents the 40%, the 2nd the 60% value when the "good" field just begins. So the calculated 100% value is 3 mA.

Please double-check your plugged configuration before switching on the W19 to avoid damaging of the tube or the tube tester!

Good luck!

Bruno Gandolfo-Canepa
Bruno Gandolfo-Canepa
RCH  Articles: 128
Schem.: 58
Pict.: 489
10.Mar.17 22:51
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Hello Bernhard,

Thank you so very much for the complete and usefull answer.

Best regards, Bruno.