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national: Worthless Schematics

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Steve Marschman
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15.Sep.20 00:38
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The scan resolution is so low, the text is unreadable. Don't waste your time, this is junk!

Ernst Erb
Ernst Erb
CH  Articles: 5648
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15.Sep.20 17:33
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Dear Steve
Since yesterday you are a new member of the RMorg, among radio friends. Good that you report that these circuit documents are not exactly of the best quality.

With all actions you commit in your life, you show your own character and we are not responsible for it.

After looking at the documents: I would have told my colleagues that these SAMS Photofact documents were unfortunately uploaded by a member eight years ago with insufficient resolution and are therefore only "better than nothing". If possible, I would have better scanned and uploaded them - or asked kindly for better documents.

You do it in your way that is easily recognizable by the reader - and we are all curious to see whether something positive will come from you. We love active members who are also friendly.

I am currently hiking in the Alps, but I will look for the documents in my library and will scan and upload them in good quality - if I find them. All's well that ends well.


I'm Swiss and my English is very limited, sorry.

Götz Linss
D  Articles: 274
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17.Sep.20 17:40
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New schematics are online. I've tried to make the best out of the available source. As the source - a copy of the National NC-98 manual in PDF and DJVU is still the same (when I made the RM schematics in 2012) - the improvement may only be minor. Steve if you can get hold of a real printed manual you could do RM a favour be providing high quality schematics.

73 de Goetz DJ3IW


Bernhard Nagel
Bernhard Nagel
D  Articles: 1447
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17.Sep.20 22:02
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The complete SAMS Photofact of the National NC-98 has been uploaded now.

Comparing to the similar looking model NC-88, these differences can be noted:

  • built-in S-meter
  • additional switchable crystal filter with phasing control, 7 IF LC-circuits
  • accessory socket for a narrow-band FM adaptor plug-in
  • no internal speaker