zenith: 12-S-265 Ch=1204; tuning belts

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This article refers to the model: 12-S-265 Ch=1204 (Zenith Radio Corp.; Chicago, IL)

zenith: 12-S-265 Ch=1204; tuning belts 
22.Sep.09 21:55

Ross Hoff (USA)
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Ross Hoff

 In restoreing this particular radio I found that the two tuning drive belts had to be replaced. After doing much searching I found rubber O-rings from Mercury Marine that worked perfectly. The part number for the large one is 25-70937,[ I.D. is 3 1/2 inch---width is .135 inch ].  The part number for the small one is 25-20863,[ I.D. is 2.625 inch.--- width is .135 inch ]. The website for Mercury Marine is, www.mercurymarine.com

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