zenith: G500; Transoceanic

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zenith: G500; Transoceanic 
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Konrad Birkner † 12.08.2014 (D)
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Konrad Birkner † 12.08.2014

Year:Nov.1949 - May 1951; original price 99.50 US$ (most priceworthy Trans-Oceanic); 220V AC/DC plug in adapter (additional rectifier to cope with higher voltage); This model was introduced end 1949 for the 1950 Line. It is the successor of the 8G005Y model but with modern  miniature tubes. Lesser tubes (five instead of eight) also meant less battery drain.
From: Bryant/Cones, The Zenith Trans-Oceanic. 

The first visible difference is the golden Zenith emblem at the Wavemagnet. A closer view shows elimination of the log-book door and introduction of the brass hinged handle replacing the rigid one.
To avoid redesign of the existing front end (of the old 8G005Y) Zenith asked RCA to modify the 1LA6 converter tube into a miniature "jacket" for the G500: the 1L6 was born. A tube which became the source of many a headache when collectors had to replace it. It became one of the most expensive 7pin miniature tubes and several attempts have been made for a substitute.

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