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The Technique of Radio Design

English | Textbook in general
Author Editor
Zepler, E. E. (Ph.D.)
Publisher ISBN
Chapman & Hall Ltd., Great Britain (UK)
37 Essex Street, W.C.2
Date of issue / Date of first publication Periodicity
1945 / 1943

Erstauflage 1943; unveränderter Nachdruck 1943 (second impression) & 1945 (third impression) Im Netz unter:
Format Pages
Print Type Type
S/W, Book Production War Economy Standard Textbook in general
Short Description

The book deals maily with those problems which are closely linked with the daily routine work of an engineer, both in the development and testing of radio receiving apparatus of all types. Intimate details of many aspects of receiver work are given rather than a comprehensive treatment, general principles being adequately dealt with in the exising excellent textbooks.

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