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Winning with People: The First 40 Years of Tektronix

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Author Editor
Lee, Marshall M.
Publisher ISBN
Tektronix, Inc., United States of America (USA)
Beaverton, OR
Date of issue / Date of first publication Periodicity
October 1986
Format Pages
Letter US 326
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Short Description

This is the history of Tektronix, Inc., founded in 1946 and in 1986 exactly forty years old.

I.    Setting the Scene                                                   1
II.   Present at the Creation: 1945-1946                      21
III.  The Hawthorne Experience: 1947-1949               37
IV.  Too Busy to Notice: 1949-1954                             75
V.   Growth Overtakes Tek: 1955-1959                      127
VI.  The Last of the Great Experiments: 1959-1963  167
VII. Regrouping: 1963-1970                                       227
VIII. Facing the Seventies: 1971-1979                       277
IX.  The Eighties and Beyond                                     307

A brief company history is shown in the Tektronix profile  of 'Companies' in the Radiomuseum


About the Author

Marshall M. Lee was born in 1945 in Syracuse, New York. After finishing University, Lee was appointed to the faculty of Pacific University in 1974, where he currently holds the rank of Associate Professor of History. Lee has undertaken archives and corporate records projects for Standard Insurance Company, Equitable Savings & Loan, and Tektronix, Inc. In addition to Winning with People, he is the author of Standard at 75, the history of the first three-quarters of a century of Standard Insurance Company.

Introduction (pp. XIV-XV) see below

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