7T15 (-N) Ch= 5K1 (UL5K1) Octal and Loctal

Admiral (brand) Continental Radio & Television Co.; Chicago, IL

  • Año
  • 1947/1948
  • Categoría
  • Radio - o Sintonizador pasado WW2
  • Radiomuseum.org ID
  • 31394
    • alternative name: Continental Radio & TV

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 Especificaciones técnicas

  • Numero de valvulas
  • 5
  • Principio principal
  • Superheterodino en general; ZF/IF 455 kHz
  • Número de circuitos sintonía
  • 6 Circuíto(s) AM
  • Gama de ondas
  • OM (onda media) solamente
  • Tensión de funcionamiento
  • Red: Aparato AC/DC. / 117 Volt
  • Altavoz
  • Altavoz dinámico (de imán permanente) / Ø 5 inch = 12.7 cm
  • Material
  • Madera
  • de Radiomuseum.org
  • Modelo: 7T15 Ch= 5K1 [Octal and Loctal] - Admiral brand Continental
  • Forma
  • Sobremesa de tamaño mediano sin botonera <= 35 cm. (Incluso portables pero sólo con alimantación por red).
  • Anotaciones
  • Built-in loop antenna. There is also a variant which employs Octal tubes only.

    Wooden cabinet.

    The difference between models with and without -N suffix is currently unknown.

  • Precio durante el primer año
  • 29.95 $
  • Ext. procedencia de los datos
  • Ernst Erb
  • Referencia esquema
  • Rider's Perpetual, Volume 17 = 1948 and before

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Hello fellow virus fighters, hope you are all doing well.

I am working on an Admiral 7T15/5K1 radio that will lose and regain reception on the bottom half of the AM dial. The details are as follows: I can tune to stations above the middle of the dial without any problems at all. The lower half of the dial below 860 kc is difficult to lock on to a station but when I do it is loud and clear. The problem is the slightest tap or movement of the radio will kick it off the station and will also kick it back on.

I can just tap my finger on the table the radio is sitting on and it will go back to the tuned station or it will lose the station by doing the same thing. Does any one know why this is happening?

The radio has had the electrolytics C9a and C9b replaced by the previous owner with two 100 mf capacitors. There is no hum so I'm good with leaving them as is. The paper capacitors look untouched with no signs of leaking wax or rupture. Will change these if they may be the problem.

The two IF transformers/coils have electrical tape on the wires , so I think they may have been tampered with.

I look forward to hearing anyone's wisdom on the subject.

Best regards,

Vince Cappuccitti


Vincent Cappuccitti, 19.Apr.20

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