Transistormètre TR60

Transistormètre TR60; Agelec A.G.E.L.E.C.; (ID = 1431534) Equipment
Transistormètre TR60; Agelec A.G.E.L.E.C.; (ID = 1424318) Equipment
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Transistormètre TR60; Agelec A.G.E.L.E.C.; (ID = 1424318) Equipment
Agelec A.G.E.L.E.C.;: Transistormètre TR60 [Equipment] ID = 1424318 399x454
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For model Transistormètre TR60, Agelec (A.G.E.L.E.C.); Les Lilas, Romainville:
Publicité Agelec
Country:  France
Manufacturer / Brand:  Agelec (A.G.E.L.E.C.); Les Lilas, Romainville
Year: 1960 ?? Category: Service- or Lab Equipment
Valves / Tubes 1: EM84
Wave bands - without
Power type and voltage Alternating Current supply (AC) / 220 Volt
Loudspeaker - - No sound reproduction output.
Power out
from Model: Transistormètre TR60 - Agelec A.G.E.L.E.C.; Les Lilas
Material Metal case
Shape Tablemodel, with any shape - general.

Transistor tester
Dynamic test of NPN and PNP transistors using a LF amplifier  (common emitter)
Indicator EM84


Test de transistor NPN et PNP en dynamique à l'aide d'un amplificateur BF (montage émetteur commun)
Indicateur à EM84


Dynamische Prüfung von NPN und PNP Transistoren per NF-Verstärker (Emitterschaltung)
Anzeige per Magisches Auge EM84


Price in first year of sale 198.00 NF

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