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  • 1951
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  • Modelo: Magnofilm Tape Deck TM-1 - Byer Industries Pty. Ltd.,
  • Forma
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  • Ancho, altura, profundidad
  • 10 x 8.5 x 4 inch / 254 x 216 x 102 mm
  • Anotaciones
  • The Magnofilm Tape Deck, Model TM-1 was developed to provide a high quality tape recording and playback mechanism at a popular price.

    It was accomplished by utilizing as a driving medium the power from a gramophone turntable, which provides, in better quality types, the very desirable features of constant speed and high kinetic energy. The heavy flywheel action of a turntable makes it ideally suited for this purpose.

    The Magnofilm Tape Deck comprises a cast chassis of aluminium alloy which accommodates supply and take-up reel spindles, power coupling, capstan, high impedance record-replay heads and tape guide rollers.

    The unit is suspended at three points, two of which are provided by adjustable rear mounting posts, the third being formed by a high traction synthetic rubber power take-off which also carries a stepped pulley. This transmits its rotation to the take-up reel through a moulded plastic belt which is normally located on the smaller step of the pulley to provide forward operating speeds for record or replay.

    An advertisement in Radio & Hobbies, January 1954, page 86, states it was sold complete with an amplifier circuit and a low frequency tape erase unit.


    Medium Standard quarter-inch magnetic tape
    Track width ¼”
    Maximum useable spool size 7”
    No. of tracks One
    Operating speeds 7½” per second at 78 RPM, per 1200’ tape
      3¼” per second at 33⅓ RPM, per 1200’ tape
    Playing Times 32 minutes at 7½” per second, per 1200’ tape
      74 minutes at 3¼” per second, per 1200’ tape
    Freq. response 7½” per sec. ±4dB from 50Hz to 7KHz
      3¼” per sec. ±4dB from 50Hz to 2.5KHz
    Record/reply head type High Impedance


  • Peso neto
  • 3 lb (3 lb 0 oz) / 1.362 kg
  • Mencionado en
  • - - Manufacturers Literature (“BRS” Magnofilm Tape Deck, Model TM1, operating instruction manual.)
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  • Modelo creado por Gary Cowans. Ver en "Modificar Ficha" los participantes posteriores.

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