Dual Channel Final RF Transmitter 1004-1

Collins Radio Company; Cedar Rapids (IA)

  • Year
  • 1940 ?
  • Category
  • Commercial Transmitter (TX not Transceiver)
  • Radiomuseum.org ID
  • 306729

 Technical Specifications

  • Number of Tubes
  • 10
  • Main principle
  • Transmitter
  • Wave bands
  • Wave Bands given in the notes.
  • Power type and voltage
  • Powered by external power supply or a main unit.
  • Loudspeaker
  • - This model requires external speaker(s).
  • Material
  • Metal case
  • from Radiomuseum.org
  • Model: Dual Channel Final RF Transmitter 1004-1 - Collins Radio Company; Cedar
  • Shape
  • Boatanchor (heavy military or commercial set >20 kg).
  • Notes
  • Circa 1940 Collins model 1004-1(serial #7417-1) Dual Channel RF Final Transmitter, originally built for Northwest Airlines. 

    The pictured schematic is for one channel, the second channel is identical:  One 1100A-1, one 33M-1 and one Filament Transformer Unit

    This model 1004-1 Dual Channel RF Final Transmitter Bay consists of:
    2 model 1100A-1(serial #s 6405-4, 6405-8) RF Final Units with two 450TL tubes in each unit
    2 model 33M-1(serial #s 7472-8, 7727-1) Exciter Units with one 813 (intermediate amp), one 807 (frequency doubler) and 1 837 (oscillator/multiplier) tubes in each unit. It includes a 3.39MHZ crystal.
    2 Filament Transformer Units with 2 transformers in each unit (item 11, 12 on pictured schematic)
    2 Dayton timers
    1 model 199A-1 (serial #6859-22) Blower
    1 Haydon hour meter

    This was originally a part of a Collins model 1000B-4, a 3KW/10-channel (CW) or 2.5KW/5-channel (AM) Transmitter.  It could transmit 2.5MhZ to 20MHZ.  It consisted of five 6' tall "Bays"(cabinets), and one 3' tall separate "Unit".
    The model entire 1000B-4 Transmitter consisted of:
    3 model 1004-1 Dual Channel RF Bays
    1 model 1003-4 Modulator Bay
    1 model 1002-4 Power Bay
    1 model 404B-2 Power and Relay Unit

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