Delco-Remy 66CFMT2

Delco-Remy 66CFMT2 ; United Motors (ID = 624488) Car Radio Delco-Remy 66CFMT2 ; United Motors (ID = 624486) Car Radio
Delco-Remy 66CFMT2 ; United Motors (ID = 624490) Car Radio Delco-Remy 66CFMT2 ; United Motors (ID = 624487) Car Radio
Delco-Remy 66CFMT2 ; United Motors (ID = 624491) Car Radio Delco-Remy 66CFMT2 ; United Motors (ID = 624485) Car Radio
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Delco-Remy 66CFMT2 ; United Motors (ID = 624488) Car Radio
United Motors: Delco-Remy 66CFMT2 [Car Radio] ID = 624488 649x478
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For model Delco-Remy 66CFMT2, United Motors Service (Delco)
Paese:  USA (Stati Uniti d'America)
Produttore / Marca:  United Motors Service (Delco)
alternative name
Delco Radio Corp. (Appliance) || Delco-Remy Division, General Motors Corp. || United Motors Service Delco General Motors
Chieftain || Delco
Anno: 1975 ?? Categoria: Autoradio, eventualmente con registratore a cassette o giradischi
Semiconduttori (transistor solo contati) 2: DS-501 DS-501
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Principio generale Supereterodina (in generale)
Gamme d'onda Onde medie (OM) e MF (FM).
Particolarità Nastro o cassetta, formato speciale
Altoparlante - Questo apparecchio richiede altoparlante/i esterno/i.
Potenza d'uscita Modello: Delco-Remy 66CFMT2 - United Motors Service Delco
Materiali Mobile di metallo
Forma Chassis o in scatola da montaggio
Dimensioni (LxAxP) 230 x 200 x 100 mm / 9.1 x 7.9 x 3.9 inch
Annotazioni Delco AM-FM Radio with 8 Track Cartridge player.

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Elenco delle radio e altri apparecchi della United Motors Service (Delco)
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United Motors: Delco-Remy 66CFMT2
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delco-remy: 66CFMT2 Car Radio from DELCO who knows more?
Christian ADAM

Dear Rmorg colleagues,

I could buy this nice car radio with tape player in a very good state on a flee market:

I would wish to know more: what is the production year? was this model dedicated to a specific car? who has the schematic? and what type of tape could be used in this car radio?

Thanks so much for diving in to give a hand,



Torbjörn Forsman

Some googling around using the GM part number 9344336-1 on the side label show that it seems to have been original equipment in, among others, some Cadillac models from the mid-seventies. Another fact dating it to around 1975 is the date code 7542 on the power transistors shown on one of the pictures.

Most likely, the tape player uses stereo-8 cassettes, not the more common compact cassettes.

Christian ADAM

... so much for your help. I think you are right with the year: this device is fitted with IC, no other transistors. I didn't find all this despite several Google trials.

And here the car identification, thanks to Google:

"Delco AM-FM Radio with 8 Track.  FCC Data Model No. 9344336-1. Serial No. 1009318. This radio comes from a 1974 Cadillac Eldorado.  Also includes two rear speakers (Conrad Model No. I F691 OF)"  

By the way, I could never see this type of cassette. Has somebody one to up load a picture?

Best greetings from France, Christian


Thomas Albrecht

Dear Christian,

This radio is similar to those used in many General Motors cars in the 1970s and early 80s.  My family had several Oldsmobile, Buick, and Chevrolet cars with radios similar to this.  The dial face is also a door, which deflects out of the way when a tape cartridge is inserted.

You can find information and pictures on 8-track tapes here: .  8-track tapes were very popular in the U.S., especially for car audio systems, in the 1970s.  I remember listening to 8-track tapes on family vacations in our cars.

It should not be difficult to find some 8-track tapes for sale on eBay if you want to test the 8-track player in your radio.

Best regards,


Christian ADAM

Hi Thomas,

I did realize today I didn't thank for your very usefull contribution. Sorry for coming back so late... I was perhaps somewhere disapointed not having a Cadillac radio :-)


United Motors: Delco-Remy 66CFMT2
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