World Band Shortwave Receiver SW8 Model Revised 1996 to include Long-Wave

Drake, R.L. Miamisburg, Ohio

  • Year
  • 1994–2000
  • Category
  • Broadcast Receiver - or past WW2 Tuner
  • ID
  • 73749

 Technical Specifications

  • Number of Transistors
  • Semiconductors present.
  • Semiconductors
  • Main principle
  • Superhet, double/triple conversion; ZF/IF 55845/455 kHz
  • Wave bands
  • Broadcast, Long Wave, more than 2 x SW plus FM or UHF.
  • Power type and voltage
  • Line / Batteries (any type) / 9 Volt
  • Loudspeaker
  • Permanent Magnet Dynamic (PDyn) Loudspeaker (moving coil) / Ø 7.5 cm = 3 inch
  • Power out
  • 2.5 W (unknown quality)
  • Material
  • Metal case
  • from
  • Model: World Band Shortwave Receiver SW8 [Model Revised 1996 to include Long-Wave] - Drake, R.L. Miamisburg, Ohio
  • Shape
  • Portable set > 8 inch (also usable without mains)
  • Dimensions (WHD)
  • 11.5 x 5.25 x 13 inch / 292 x 133 x 330 mm
  • Notes

  • The Drake SW8 is a portable communications receiver covering 100 to 30,000 kHz in AM, USB and LSB modes. Quality reception of the AM broadcast band and all of short-wave is assured. Drake elected to include the FM broadcast band in the SW8 (87 -108 MHz). The VHF aeronautical band is also featured (118 - 137 mHz).

    The backlit LCD panel provides all the operational data to navigate this receiver. Frequency display resolution is to 100 Hz on AM, short-wave and aircraft bands. The SW8 is a full fledged communications receiver, and it is also a true portable. This handle can be removed by the user for stationary operation. The SW8 holds six “D” cells, and a pivot point 41 inch telescopic whip extends from the front for fully independent field operation. A 1/8-inch headphone jack is provided. Tuning is via keypad entry, manual tuning, or memories.

    For the short-wave and medium-wave broadcast bands, a selectable sideband synchronous detector (SYNC) improves reception by reducing distortion due to fading signals. Other aids include: slow or fast AGC, RF attenuator and tone controls. Three IF bandwidths are supplied (6, 4 and 2.3 kHz). Two independent clocks provide dual time zone selection and a 2 event timer turns the radio on at a prescribed time. Seventy non-volatile memories store: frequency, mode, bandwidth, AGC setting, RF attenuator and synchronous detector on/off. Memory channels may be accessed manually or through "time scan" with each channel monitored for 5 seconds. Keypad entry provides instant access to any frequency.

    The rear panel of the radio includes a PL259-type antenna jack or wire inputs for short-wave. Spring terminals are also provided for an external FM/AIR antenna. Record output, and external speaker (4 - 8 ohm) jacks are also featured. The SW8 comes with a plug-in 120-Volt AC power pack, or may be run from six “D” cells.

    Units produced prior to March 1995 do not have the whip preamp. Units produced prior to January 1996 do not receive long-wave.

    Accessories for the SW8 include an external speaker Model MS8 and a carrying case Model SW8 Case.

    Frequency Range: 100 - 30,000 kHz, 87 - 108 MHz, and 118 - 137 MHz.

    DC Power Input: 7-10 VDC at 1.0 Ampere supplied from AC Adapter Wall Transformer, external DC Power Supply or 5.7 to 9.0 VDC supplied by (6) internally-mounted "D" cell (1.5V each) batteries. Power Consumption: Current requirements range from 440 mA to 730 mA (depending on Mode and Panel Backlight usage) from 9.0 VDC Supply or Batteries with 1/4 Watt average Audio Output.

    Antenna One: 50 ohms unbalanced. Antenna Two: 50 or 500 ohms unbalanced. Antenna Three: FM/AIR, 300 ohms.

    Selectivity: at -6dB Mode 6.0 kHz AM 4.0 kHz AM 2.3 kHz LSB/USB. Ultimate Selectivity: greater than 95 dB. Image Rejection: greater than 60 dB .5-30 MHz greater than 50 dB 87-108 MHz greater than 60 dB 118-137 MHz. I.F. Rejection: greater than 80 dB 55.845 MHz greater than 80 dB 455 kHz IP3. Intercept Point: greater than -20dBm 5 kHz, spacing greater than +10dBm 20 kHz. Dynamic Range: greater than 95 dB .5-30 MHz SSB.

    Sensitivity: 10 dB S+ N/N SSB less than 0.5µV .5-30 MHz AM less than 2.0µV .5-30 MHz FM (20 dB S/N) less than 4.0µV 87-108 MHz FM (20 dB S/N) less than 4.0µV 118-137 MHz.

    Frequency Stability: ± 10 ppm. 0° to 50° C. Frequency Accuracy: ± 100 Hz. at 50° C. External Speaker Output: 2 Watts, 4 Ohms less than 5% distortion. Line Output: 300 mV, 4.7K Ohms. Operating Temperature: 0° to 50° C.
  • Net weight (2.2 lb = 1 kg)
  • 10 lb 0 oz (10 lb) / 4.540 kg
  • Price in first year of sale
  • 1,272.00 DM
  • Literature/Schematics (1)
  • Drake SW8 Owner's Manual P/N: 385112951-7-1999.
  • Author
  • Model page created by Martin Bösch. See "Data change" for further contributors.

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