Reception Set R101

Country:  Great Britain (UK)
Manufacturer / Brand:  Eddystone, Birmingham
alternative name
Stratton & Co.Ltd.; Birmingham
Year: 1939 Category: Military Equipment (not Re, Tr or RXT)
Valves / Tubes 8: ARP13 ARP4 ARP4 ARP13 ARP13 AR10 ARP1 ARP4
Main principle Superhet with RF-stage; ZF/IF 465 kHz
Wave bands Broadcast, Long Wave and more than two Short Wave bands.
Power type and voltage Powered by external power supply or a main unit.
Loudspeaker - For headphones or amp.
Power out
from Model: Reception Set R101 - Eddystone, Birmingham
Material Metal case
Shape Tablemodel, with any shape - general.
Dimensions (WHD) 16 x 7.25 x 15 inch / 406 x 184 x 381 mm
Notes Military general coverage receiver, covers 150 kHz - 22 MHz in seven ranges, AM, CW (BFO);
slightly modified receiver LPC with added BFO;
part of Wireless Set No.5 and early versions of No.23; matchingAC mains Supply Unit Rectifier No.1 providing 2V heaters and 135 anode voltage.
Net weight (2.2 lb = 1 kg) 12.8 kg / 28 lb 3.1 oz (28.194 lb)
Mentioned in Wireless for the Warrior Vol.3

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