8-T ; Gilfillan Bros.Inc.; (ID = 701498) Radio
8-T ; Gilfillan Bros.Inc.; (ID = 701500) Radio
8-T ; Gilfillan Bros.Inc.; (ID = 701501) Radio
8-T ; Gilfillan Bros.Inc.; (ID = 146690) Radio 8-T ; Gilfillan Bros.Inc.; (ID = 1588387) Radio
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8-T ; Gilfillan Bros.Inc.; (ID = 146690) Radio
Gilfillan Bros.Inc.;: 8-T [Radio] ID = 146690 480x640
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Pour le modèle 8-T, Gilfillan Bros.Inc.; Los Angeles (CA):
This Gilfillan Tombstone Model 8T dates from 1935. It is an 8 tube AM & Short Wave Radio with a 2A7, 2 pcs 58's, 55, 56, and a pair of 2A5's as the push/pull output. There is an # 80 as the rectifier too. There are 2 separate dials on the front. The top one lists the standard AM & the short wave is the lower dial. When the operater switches the band switch, the pilot light lights in either dial to notify which band is operational. The set is 19 inches tall, 12 inches wide & 8 inches deep. I purchased this set at our clubs auction about 7 years ago. It still works well on both bands. It is listed in Stein's volume 3 at $ 750
Pays:  Etats-Unis
Fabricant / Marque:  Gilfillan Bros.Inc.; Los Angeles (CA)
Année: 1934 Catégorie: Radio - ou tuner d'après la guerre 1939-45
Lampes / Tubes 8: 2A7 58 58 55 56 2A5 2A5 80
Principe général Super hétérodyne (en général); FI/IF 262,5 kHz
Gammes d'ondes OM (PO) et OC.
Tension / type courant Alimentation Courant Alternatif (CA). / 115 Volt
Haut-parleur HP dynamique à aimant électrodynamique (avec bobine)
Puissance de sortie
De Modèle: 8-T - Gilfillan Bros.Inc.; Los
Matière Boitier en bois
Forme Modèle de table, profil haut (vertical, PAS cathédrale ni décoration).
Remarques Push-pull af output stage.
Source extérieure Ernst Erb
Source The Radio Collector's Directory and Price Guide 1921 - 1965
Source du schéma Rider's Perpetual, Volume 5 = ca. 1934 and before
Littérature Cathedral & Tombstone Radios (page 125.)

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