Senior 7-Tube Receiver B9005 and B9006

Senior 7-Tube Receiver B9005 and B9006; Hamilton-Carr Corp.; (ID = 494251) Radio
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Senior 7-Tube Receiver B9005 and B9006; Hamilton-Carr Corp.; (ID = 494251) Radio
Hamilton-Carr Corp.;: Senior 7-Tube Receiver B9005 and B9006 [Radio] ID = 494251 797x391
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For model Senior 7-Tube Receiver B9005 and B9006, Hamilton-Carr Corp.; Chicago:
Reference picture from the Hamilton-Carr Catalog 1928 - Seven Tube Senior with Single illuminated drum control. Page 2.
País:  Estados Unidos
Fabricante / Marca:  Hamilton-Carr Corp.; Chicago
Año: 1928 Categoría: Radio - o Sintonizador pasado WW2
Válvulas 7: 201A 201A 201A 201A 201A 201A 112
Principio principal RFS sin reacción; 3 Etapas de AF
Número de circuitos sintonía 3 Circuíto(s) AM
Gama de ondas OM (onda media) solamente
Tensión de funcionamiento Baterías recargables o pilas / "C" and 5 & 125 Volt
Altavoz - Este modelo usa amplificador externo de B.F.
Potencia de salida
de Modelo: Senior 7-Tube Receiver B9005 and B9006 - Hamilton-Carr Corp.; Chicago
Material Madera
Forma Sobremesa, caja, normalmente con tapa (panel no inclinado).
Ancho, altura, profundidad 0 x 0 x 17 inch / 0 x 0 x 432 mm
Anotaciones This "Seven Tube Single illuminated drum control Senior" is the first model in the catalog "Radio dealers wholesale after inventory smashing reductions" on page 2. It is a shielded construction with a chassis of solid brass. Walnut cabinet. The wholesale price was $ 34.75 (list price $ 75.00). For battery operation with tubes it was delivered to $ 59.50 as Catalog number B9006 including 6-v 100 A.H. storage "A" battery, 3 x 45-v "B" batteries and a 7.5 volt "C" batery, areal kit and instructions. As B9018 the Senior 7 includes a "Super Power Combination" "A" and "B" eliminator (Raytheon type) for 105-120 volts AC and the "C" battery etc. For the same price the "Senior A.C. Seven Electric Set" B9018A uses "All-Electric" RCA or Cunningham 226 or 227 AC tubes and includes a power pack with plug, ready to plug in and tune in. Price for the reseller $ 78.75, list price $ 175.00.

There are three stages of radio frequency and a detector. One volume and one clarity control. "The model has a solid walnut panel front and in the opening is a green-black soft finish panel on which rests the beautiful shaded bronce plates opening on the single illuminated drum on the left side of which is numerical spacing and on the right an erasable space for logging. A center knob on the Gothic escutcheon plate tunes the entire receiver with air-line selectivity". "In a separate unit is the audio frequency end using two stages of resistance coupled amplification and one stage of power transformer rendering the most tremendous volume and a fine sliky, full, well-rounded tone."
Documentación / Esquemas (1) Hamilton-Carr Catalogue (1928 "After Inventory Smashing Reductions", page 2)

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