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Noblesse 22322

Noblesse 22322; Körting-Radio; (ID = 48597) Radio
Noblesse 22322; Körting-Radio; (ID = 48598) Radio
Noblesse 22322; Körting-Radio; (ID = 106589) Radio Noblesse 22322; Körting-Radio; (ID = 324431) Radio
Noblesse 22322; Körting-Radio; (ID = 326754) Radio Noblesse 22322; Körting-Radio; (ID = 330095) Radio
Noblesse 22322; Körting-Radio; (ID = 330096) Radio Noblesse 22322; Körting-Radio; (ID = 1504650) Radio
Noblesse 22322; Körting-Radio; (ID = 1504651) Radio Noblesse 22322; Körting-Radio; (ID = 1504652) Radio
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Noblesse 22322; Körting-Radio; (ID = 106589) Radio
Körting-Radio;: Noblesse 22322 [Radio] ID = 106589 433x308
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For model Noblesse 22322, Körting-Radio; Leipzig, später Grassau:
Country:  Germany
Manufacturer / Brand:  Körting-Radio; Leipzig, später Grassau
alternative name
Dietz & Ritter GmbH, Dr.
Year: 1960 ?? Category: Broadcast Receiver - or past WW2 Tuner
Valves / Tubes 6: ECH81 EF89 EBF89 EAM86 EL84 EZ80
Main principle Superheterodyne (common)
Wave bands Broadcast, Long Wave and more than two Short Wave bands.
Power type and voltage Alternating Current supply (AC) / 110-240 Volt
Loudspeaker 3 Loudspeakers
Power out
from Model: Noblesse 22322 - Körting-Radio; Leipzig, später
Material Wooden case
Shape Tablemodel, low profile (big size).
Notes 8 Drucktasten, 2 Klangregler; Leiterplattenaufbau. Ähnlich wie 22323 aber ohne UKW. Remarks by Rolf Zetterberg: With a unusual filter following the mixer and - as far as I can see - two separate AGC circuits. 3 x SW.
Source of data -- Collector info (Sammler)

Model page created by Rolf Zetterberg. See "Data change" for further contributors.

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Körting-Radio;: Noblesse 22322
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Mario Coelho
  1 Dear Radiofriends

Today I was trying to repair my Noblesse 22322 (Körting) 

  It is the present tread:

I was following its schematic (2) (also in Rmorg) when I found this in it:

A short-circuit  arrow
( not in my set, but in its schematic :-)
 (2nd Coil of BV4059 I.F. and C401 condenser).

In my set I've a missing component nearly. Perhaps, instead of a line, there might be a component, or an open circuit. Who Knows?

Yes. Who knows? 
Do You? Then , I thank You in advance for any information.

Will You do ? Do You? As Mr. Ernest already said before about this radio set: "Noblesse oblige". :-)


Hans M. Knoll
  2 Hello Mario,

this connection is wrong.
No additional Component is necessary for function.

What whe can learn? Orign. Factory Information  ( here Körting) can also include, errors!

Best regards from Hans
Mario Coelho
Hello Herr Hans

Thank you for your prompt and expert reply.

There are two options: A and B.
Which one is the right one?

The schematic is still in Rmorg. I think should be better to correct it, or to add a note in it. Don't You?


Meanwhile I'll try to understand which component is missing in my set. I'll be back because this set is quite singular. Ex: It has one EAM86 (this tube works, glows fine, but my Tube Tester says it is exhausted). May be the amp. section?

Best Regards

Hans M. Knoll
  4 Hello Mario,

Version "A" is the right one.

Because the Tunig Indicator, i must study the Circuit and give you Informations later here.
First, the Triode Part is only for  Audio Amplifiering.
It is possible, that the low Anode current in this cases gives a good Performance, but   Test on Tube-tester with higher current ( as indicator ) say "bad"

see here my explanations to this situation.

regards, Hans
Hans M. Knoll
  5 see post # 4
Ake Nyholm
  6 Dear mr. Knoll

Your explanation of EM8X, EAM8X tubes functions as well as Körting "Nobeless" delayed AGC was very interesting and clear. Thank you.

Hans M. Knoll
  7 Hello Mr. NYHOLM,

thats fine. Koerting have and makes always interesting Circuits.
In this case the "generator"  for an negativ Voltage, complete free of potential ;-)

regards, Hans M. Knoll 
Mario Coelho

Hallo Mr. Hans

Thank you again for your clear and complete explanation.

I already bought a new EAM86, to compare.

Well. This new one has a best performance. The tube tester says it is OK.( the last one was exhausted).
But when I perform the second test (the other stage) the galvanometer pointer didn't move. But it glows as the other tube did.

Do You agree with this conclusion? : 
1-In the 1st part of test, the amp. Stage was tested. In the second part of the test, was tested the Tuner indicator. 
2- The fist tube was exhausted. The new one is good.
3- My tube tester doesn't test the performance of the tuner indicator stage.I need to look to the tube to see if it glows or not.

About the missing component.
I present one picture of two terminals (leads) (A) where I presumed a component is absent.

One component between these two terminals should link  pin 6 and pin 7 of EBF 89.
Nevertheless I can't perceive in schematic any component.
Are those terminals not to use, but only "testing points"?

Thank you for your time and patience
Best Regards


Hans M. Knoll
  9 Hello Mario,

your questions:

Do You agree with this conclusion? : 
1-In the 1st part of test, the amp. Stage was tested. In the second part of the test, was tested the Tuner indicator. 
2- The fist tube was exhausted. The new one is good.
3- My tube tester doesn't test the performance of the tuner indicator stage.I need to look to the tube to see if it glows or not.

My answer: i agree at all points.

I not now any tubetesters, but in now many. ;-)

All testers, make a measurment at Amplifier section e.g. bad , good or how much mA.
also all makes an visualtest : shadow with, shadow small.

Missing part:
an designer has tree posibilitys to generate Audio and AGC Signals from the IF Signal.
In simple units they are using only one diode like (EABC80).
or two diodes in different ways. 
in my hand-drawing  i show you these versions. Blacklines your set, redlines PC Board  with alternation posibility. I think is to hard ( for you) to explain why?

New: this example of AGC generating,  is only to show  what is the posibility of the circuit or variation from designers, to find a solution to solve requirements.    Not to change this  Set Noblesse!

I hope you agree.

best regards, Hans

Mario Coelho

Hello Mr. Hans

Of course You know very much about tube testers. Nobody doubts it.  For me is different. Almost of this matters are novelty to me .

 I didn't know that ,with my Tube tester, tune indicators performance couldn't be evaluated in mA, as can be in the other stages. I began this hobby two years ago with very few knowledge about. I'm not even a junior yet. :-)

About AGC:

May I understand that I need to put one condenser between those leads? 
(As I said before I can't see any component in its schematic between pin 6 and pin 7). 

If yes, do you suggest a value?

Best regards

Hans M. Knoll
  11 Hello Mario,

please change nothing. This versions is only for Koerting designers ( on Labratory) a option for an alternation!

The Set must working well in the blacklíne version. 10 pF between pin 7 and 8.

Körting-Radio;: Noblesse 22322
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