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SW-5 Thrill Box (SW5 AC, AC SW5) 24/27 tubes

SW-5 Thrill Box ; National Company; (ID = 741233) Radio
SW-5 Thrill Box ; National Company; (ID = 2049317) Radio SW-5 Thrill Box ; National Company; (ID = 793911) Radio
SW-5 Thrill Box ; National Company; (ID = 793912) Radio
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SW-5 Thrill Box ; National Company; (ID = 2049317) Radio
National Company;: SW-5 Thrill Box [Radio] ID = 2049317 1183x664
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For model SW-5 Thrill Box (SW5 AC, AC SW5) 24/27 tubes, National Company; Cambridge & Malden (MA)
Country:  United States of America (USA)
Manufacturer / Brand:  National Company; Cambridge & Malden (MA)
alternative name
National Toy Co.
Year: 1929–1931 Category: Broadcast Receiver - or past WW2 Tuner
Valves / Tubes 5: 24 24 27 27 27
Main principle TRF with regeneration; Screengrid 1926-1935
Wave bands Wave Bands given in the notes.
Power type and voltage Powered by external power supply or a main unit.
Loudspeaker - This model requires external speaker(s).
Power out
from Model: SW-5 Thrill Box [24/27 tubes] - National Company; Cambridge &
Material Metal case
Shape Tablemodel, Box - most often with Lid (NOT slant panel).
Notes There is quite a mess about the names of this National receiver SW-5, written also as SW5 or SW5AC or ACSW5 (with or without spaces and hyphens), also with or without the term "Thrill Box", depending on the Seller, like Lafayette, Allied etc. There is also a DC version and there are versions for different tubes, mainly the push-pull output tubes. We try to keep the different names in the name field and hope that there will not be created new versions by members, which are included here.

The SW-5 can basically be run with four different shortwave plug-in coils and three optional medium wave plug-in coils: Type A = 15,5-26,6 m, B = 23,5-41 m, C = 37,5-65 m and D = for 64-115 m, covering from 2609 kc to 19355 kc. The optional plug-in coils 110-175 m, 170-300 m and 290-570 m (the 3 covering 2727 - 526 kHz).

There is an external SW-5 power supply with additional 80 tube rectifier. You will find many different prices depending on time, on the completness and on the seller. Prices begin with just a complete set of parts for the SW-5 only up to the complete "Thrill Box" with type 45 tubes for the output with power supply and all sets of RF coil pairs (transformers).

What we gathered from the Lafayette Anniversary Catalog 1932: Sometimes (or always?) the version with type 45 tubes is called SW-45 or ACSW45. The SW5 and SW45, AC and DC models seeme to have been renewed in 1931. We believe that in that year both versions were on the market.
Price in first year of sale 114.00 $
External source of data Ernst Erb
Source of data Radio Collector`s Guide 1921-1932

All listed radios etc. from National Company; Cambridge & Malden (MA)
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National Company;: SW-5 Thrill Box
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national: Steckspulen/plug in - coils National SW-4 / SW-5
Martin Bösch
  1 Hier die Daten zu den Steckspulen zum National Thrill Box SW-4 / SW-5 und verwandten Empfängern:
Type A, 15.5-26.6 meters (19355 - 11280 kHz)
Secondary 4 turns #14 enamel, Tickler 2 turns #30 DSC, Primary 3 turns #28 enamel
Type B, 23.5-41 meters (12766 - 7317 kHz)
Secondary 7 turns #14 enamel, Tickler 2 turns #30 DSC, Primary 6 turns #28 enamel
Type C, 37.5-65 meters (8000 - 4615 kHz)
Secondary 14 turns #14 enamel, Tickler 3 turns #30 DSC, Primary 14 turns #28 enamel
Type D, 64-115 meters (4688 - 2609 kHz)
Secondary 25 turns #18 enamel, Tickler 4 turns #30 DSC, Primary 25 turns #28 enamel

zusätzliche Steckspulen / optional plug-in coils
Type E, 110-175 meters (2727 - 1714 kHz)
Type E, 170-300 meters (1765 - 1000 kHz)

Type F, 290-570 meters (1035 - 526 kHz)

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National Company;: SW-5 Thrill Box
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