Toot-a-Loop-Radio R-72 (R72, R-72S)

Toot-a-Loop-Radio R-72 ; Panasonic, (ID = 1620272) Radio
Toot-a-Loop-Radio R-72 ; Panasonic, (ID = 255904) Radio Toot-a-Loop-Radio R-72 ; Panasonic, (ID = 255978) Radio
Toot-a-Loop-Radio R-72 ; Panasonic, (ID = 255977) Radio Toot-a-Loop-Radio R-72 ; Panasonic, (ID = 255906) Radio
Toot-a-Loop-Radio R-72 ; Panasonic, (ID = 255907) Radio Toot-a-Loop-Radio R-72 ; Panasonic, (ID = 255975) Radio
Toot-a-Loop-Radio R-72 ; Panasonic, (ID = 255976) Radio Toot-a-Loop-Radio R-72 ; Panasonic, (ID = 333085) Radio
Toot-a-Loop-Radio R-72 ; Panasonic, (ID = 405344) Radio Toot-a-Loop-Radio R-72 ; Panasonic, (ID = 405346) Radio
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Toot-a-Loop-Radio R-72 ; Panasonic, (ID = 255904) Radio
Panasonic,: Toot-a-Loop-Radio R-72 [Radio] ID = 255904 696x700
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For model Toot-a-Loop-Radio R-72 (R72, R-72S), Panasonic, Matsushita, National ナショナル (also tubes); Osaka:
By courtesy of Stefan Wörner
Paese:  Giappone
Produttore / Marca:  Panasonic, Matsushita, National ナショナル (also tubes); Osaka
Anno: 1972/1972 perfect model Categoria: Radio (o sintonizzatore del dopoguerra WW2)
Semiconduttori (transistor solo contati) 6: OC1044 2SA101 or. OC1045 2SA101 or. OC1045 2SB475 or. AC125 2SB475 or. AC128 2SB475 or. AC128 OA1160
Principio generale Supereterodina (in generale); ZF/IF 455 kHz
Gamme d'onda Solo onde medie (OM).
Tensioni di funzionamento Batterie a secco / R72: 1 x 9 or R72S: 2 x 1.5 Volt
Altoparlante AP magnetodinamico (magnete permanente e bobina mobile) / Ø 5.5 cm = 2.2 inch
Potenza d'uscita Modello: Toot-a-Loop-Radio R-72 - Panasonic, Matsushita,
Materiali Plastica (non bachelite o catalina)
Forma Radio di design, novelty, gadget, pubblicitaria o di forma inusuale
Dimensioni (LxAxP) 152 x 70 x 152 mm / 6 x 2.8 x 6 inch

The Panasonic R-72 (R72) was probably exclusively built by Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd., Japan for different brands and makers in other countries/markets. The only differences between such versions are stickers for customizing the unit. See for instance the Citizen Radio R-720 for Citizen Electronics C0., Ltd. Japan.

The R-72 was at least available in red, orange, yellow, blue and white. The material for R-72 is ABS plastic (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene copolymer). Frequency Range is 525 - 1605 kHz = 571 - 187 m.

The novelty radio "Toot-a-Loop" R72 was designed to be wrapped around the wrist. It is shaped like a donut with the hole off center. If twisted the two halfs of the radio pivot and form an "S"-shape. One side of the radio has a grille for the speaker. There is also a jack for a mono earplug. The R72 has to be twisted into the "S" position in order to be tuned, but the volume control is on the outer side of the radio and can be adjusted regardless of whether the radio is twisted, open or closed.

Transistor listing applies for model R72S only!

Powering: 1 x 9V (6F22) for model R72, 2 x 1.5V (AA) for model R72S

For R72 with OTL output stage, refer to Philips 20RL012 with LW only.
See also Citizen R-720 and National Panasonic Toot-a-Loop RF-72 with FM only. Similar to Hemisfon TRP-408.

We are not yet sure about the production years. It still has been made in 1972 - we have 1969 for the starting year (design). Who has adverts or other reliable information about the production dates of this model?

Peso netto 0.2 kg / 0 lb 7 oz (0.441 lb)
Fonte esterna dei dati Stefan Wörner
Fonte dei dati -- Schematic
Bibliografia Antique Radio Magazine - Italy, Club Antique Radio Magazine (n.144, luglio-agosto 2018, pag. 40-45)

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Elenco delle radio e altri apparecchi della Panasonic, Matsushita, National ナショナル (also tubes); Osaka
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