292V Export

292V; Philips; Eindhoven (ID = 14474) Radio
292V; Philips; Eindhoven (ID = 14475) Radio
292V; Philips; Eindhoven (ID = 966938) Radio 292V; Philips; Eindhoven (ID = 966939) Radio
292V; Philips; Eindhoven (ID = 966940) Radio 292V; Philips; Eindhoven (ID = 967479) Radio
292V; Philips; Eindhoven (ID = 966551) Radio
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292V; Philips; Eindhoven (ID = 966938) Radio
Philips; Eindhoven: 292V [Radio] ID = 966938 871x653
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Für Modell 292V Export, Philips; Eindhoven (tubes international!); Miniwatt:
phillips 292V
Land:  Niederlande
Hersteller / Marke:  Philips; Eindhoven (tubes international!); Miniwatt
Jahr: 1939–1941 Kategorie: Rundfunkempfänger (Radio - oder Tuner nach WW2)
Röhren 6: EF9 ECH3 EF9 EBF2 KC3 KDD1
Halbleiter (Zählung nur für Transistoren) 7946
Hauptprinzip Super mit HF-Vorstufe; ZF/IF 452 kHz
Anzahl Kreise 7 Kreis(e) AM
Wellenbereiche Langwelle, Mittelwelle und zwei mal Kurzwelle.
Betriebsart / Volt AKKU-Speisung (für alles, z.B. bei Autoradios und Amateurgeräten) / 6 Volt
Lautsprecher Dynamischer LS, keine Erregerspule (permanentdynamisch)
Belastbarkeit / Leistung
von Modell: 292V [Export] - Philips; Eindhoven tubes
Material Gerät mit Holzgehäuse
Form Tischgerät-gross, - Querformat (breiter als hoch oder quadratisch).
Abmessungen (BHT) 530 x 380 x 270 mm / 20.9 x 15 x 10.6 inch
Nettogewicht 15.8 kg / 34 lb 12.8 oz (34.802 lb)
Datenherkunft Radiokatalog Band 1, Ernst Erb
Schaltungsnachweis Röhren in FS-Bestückungstabellen
Literatur/Schema (1) -- Original-techn. papers.

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Philips; Eindhoven: 292V
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philips: phillips 292V ;
Tudosa Bogdan


 I recently bought a phillips radio 292v for restoration.

 please help me with the power.
 I saw radiomuzeum radio scheme, is fed to 6V DC

 Thanks in advance bogdan

Please only use the normal font, I have changed that.


Wolfgang Bauer

This model uses a triller for converting the DC voltage to AC voltage.

See ==> Triller
See ==> Zerhacker

MfG. WB.

Please give your images to the model.


Tudosa Bogdan


 First of all I want to thank you for your promptness and help given.
 device is very well preserved.
 I have attached pictures of the radio.

 with respect bogdan


Robert Sarbell

Hello Tudosa,

Early last year I bought on ebaY the Philips model BX707Av which uses the AC power and also the 6V DC power passing through the “triller” (in English we called the vibrator). That is the similar type which was used in the early automobiles – even before WWII.

To ensure that I had the most accurate Philips data for the trillers, I researched the entire NL oude radio forum archives for specific data to properly restore my post-War model BX707AV which has the triller and appropriate circuitry installed.

I was very fortunate to find 15 separate issues of the Philips Service Maandblad (I believe the translation is Philips Monthly Service Bulletin). The issues begin from February 1948 and go to the issue in August 1955.

There is specific data for your 1939 -1941 model Philips 292V – written in the April 1950 monthly Service Bulletin.

I will forward to you, under separate email the entire packet of the 15 monthly bulletins.

I must admit that these bulletins are written in Dutch, but they should not be so difficult to translate for the information to help you.

I have also researched an early master vibrator manual, produced by ATR in the USA in 1954, and believe there may be some possibility to acquire a suitable replacement for your vibrator.



NOTE: The vibrator in my Philips is still functionally acceptable and I have even installed a small lead-acid battery on the rear fibre panel. . . .so, the radio can actually be operated outside with no external power at all!

Tudosa Bogdan

good evening

 Thanks for your help and advice.
 I tried to download the archive but does not work ...
 if you could also send along the archive.
 Thanks in advance

Robert Sarbell

Hello Tudosa,

I believe after you have downloaded the "zip" folder to your computer, then double-click on the Zip folder and the 15 individual files will become self-extracting.

The actual files may also be downloaded directly from the following web site:


There will be MANY MANY folders. . . . . .but you will see the entire directory of the Philips Service Maandblad down near the bottom of the master directory listing. NOTE: I have reviewed EVERY monthly issue, so you only need to download or review the ones I list below.

When you click on the Service Maandblad listing, the files (which pertain to the triller-for even a small item) of interest to you are as follows:


Please advise me if this instruction helps.

Best Regards,

Philips; Eindhoven: 292V
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