Cassette Car Stereo with FM/MW/LW Electronic Tuner KEH-9080B

Pioneer Corporation; Tokyo

  • Année
  • 1988 ?
  • Catégorie
  • Enrégistreur et/ou reproducteur son/video
  • ID
  • 334096

 Spécifications techniques

  • Principe général
  • Amplification audio
  • Gammes d'ondes
  • PO, GO et FM
  • Particularités
  • Magnétophone à cassettes
  • Tension / type courant
  • Accumulateur (par exemple pour autoradios ou radio) / 12 Volt
  • Haut-parleur
  • - Ce modèle nécessite des HP externes
  • Puissance de sortie
  • 40 W (qualité inconnue)
  • Matière
  • Matériaux divers
  • De
  • Modèle: Cassette Car Stereo with FM/MW/LW Electronic Tuner KEH-9080B - Pioneer Corporation; Tokyo
  • Forme
  • Chassis (pour intégration dans meuble)
  • Dimensions (LHP)
  • 188 x 58 x 160 mm / 7.4 x 2.3 x 6.3 inch
  • Remarques
  • An in-car auto-reverse cassette player with a 3 band AM/FM stereo tuner and a 2 x 20 watts amplifier, for installation into a car dashboard. With a lift off front with digital display.  Requires a 5.6 volt Mercury PX23 memory backup battery.

    -Built-in highly sensitive "Automatic Reception Control" (ARC) for automatic control of stereo separation, muting, and frequency characteristics to match the strength of the FM signal.
    -The Best Stations Memory automatically memorizes the six best (strongest) stations in the six preset buttons in the order of their strength.
    -Music search function allows automatic playback from the beginning of the selection being   played or the beginning of the next selection.
    -When a long unrecorded interval is found between two selections, the Blank Skip function takes the tape directly to the beginning of the following selection.
    -Power loading mechanism for automatic loading of tapes and soft eject mechanism provide easy operation.
    -Auto tape selector mechanism senses and adjusts the unit for 70µs tapes.
    -Built-in Dolby NR for reduced tape hiss.
    -Anti-theft Double Security Feature (Secret Code & Quick Release).
    -20W + 20W maximum output for sound with power to spare. Combination with separately available power amp unit allows configuration of a powerful 4-speaker system.

  • Poids net
  • 1.4 kg / 3 lb 1.3 oz (3.084 lb)
  • Littérature
  • -- Original prospect or advert (Quattroruote, Domus editoria, number 392, June 1988.)
  • Schémathèque (1)
  • - - Manufacturers Literature (1988 Pioneer Car Audio Guide)
  • Auteur
  • Modèle crée par Pier Antonio Aluffi. Voir les propositions de modification pour les contributeurs supplémentaires.

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