2C527 Ch= RC-1120 not real

RCA (RCA Victor Co. Inc.); New York (NY)

  • Año
  • 1952
  • Categoría
  • Radio - o Sintonizador pasado WW2
  • Radiomuseum.org ID
  • 53363
    • alternative name: RCA Manufacturing || Victor Talking Machine

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 Especificaciones técnicas

  • Numero de valvulas
  • 5
  • Principio principal
  • Superheterodino en general; ZF/IF 455 kHz; 2 Etapas de AF
  • Número de circuitos sintonía
  • 6 Circuíto(s) AM
  • Gama de ondas
  • OM (onda media) solamente
  • Tensión de funcionamiento
  • Red: Corriente alterna (CA, Inglés = AC) / 115 Volt
  • Altavoz
  • Altavoz dinámico (de imán permanente) / Ø 4 inch = 10.2 cm
  • Material
  • Plástico moderno (Nunca bakelita o catalina)
  • de Radiomuseum.org
  • Modelo: 2C527 Ch= RC-1120 [not real] - RCA RCA Victor Co. Inc.; New
  • Forma
  • Sobremesa con reloj o Radio despertador.
  • Ancho, altura, profundidad
  • 11.8 x 6.1 x 5.5 inch / 300 x 155 x 140 mm
  • Anotaciones
  • Caution!
    This model should not exist in reality. It is a hypothetical combination of case and chassis, by misreading of service documentation.

    There are three case variations: Model 2C521 is maroon, 2C522 is ivory, and 2C527 is of white color.
    There are two basic chassis: RC 1120(-1) for the maroon set, and RC1120-A for the ivory and white sets.
    By obviously technical reason the tube locations of the Demodulator/1st af and the output tube had been interchanged. The 50C5 was moved towards the speaker, and the 12AV6 closer to the IF-transformer L4.
    The revised chasses received new designations: RC1120 became RC1120-B, and RC1120-A became RC1120-C.
    That results in six different Model/Chassis combinations. Six more combinations could be derived theoretically by misinterpretation of service documentation. We list them with appropriate warning remark to avoid future errors.
    the real models are:
    - 2C521 Ch= 1120-1 (with or without suffix),
    - 2C521 Ch= 1120-B,
    - 2C522 Ch= 1120-A,
    - 2C522 Ch= 1120-C,
    - 2C527 Ch= 1120-A,
    - 2C527 Ch= 1120-C.
    Any other combination is not real.
    Unfortunately Beitman ignored the existence of models RC522 & RC527, and allocated all four Chassis numbers to RC521. That is obviously incorrect.
  • Peso neto
  • 2.5 kg / 5 lb 8.1 oz (5.507 lb)
  • Ext. procedencia de los datos
  • Ernst Erb

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