• Año
  • 1923 ?
  • Categoría
  • Altavoz, cascos o auricular
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  • 186310

 Especificaciones técnicas

  • Gama de ondas
  • - no hay
  • Tensión de funcionamiento
  • No necesita alimentación
  • Altavoz
  • Corneta
  • Material
  • Metálico
  • de Radiomuseum.org
  • Modelo: Thorola No. 4 - Winkler-Reichmann Co.; Chicago
  • Forma
  • Sobremesa alto de forma simple.
  • Anotaciones
  • The Thorola loudspeaker No. 4 has a gooseneck horn.
  • Precio durante el primer año
  • 25.00 $
  • Ext. procedencia de los datos
  • ad QST September 1925, page 83.
  • Procedencia de los datos
  • - - Manufacturers Literature
  • Documentación / Esquemas (1)
  • Radio Horn Speaker Encyclopedia, Floyd A. Paul, p. 74
  • Documentación / Esquemas (2)
  • Radio Broadcast, Jan. 1926, p. 349
  • Autor
  • Modelo creado por Ernst Erb. Ver en "Modificar Ficha" los participantes posteriores.

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Hello to all. I am a novice trying to restore a Thorola Model 4 horn speaker that goes with my Thorola Model 55 radio and have two questions.

I need to rewind the wire on the coil that sits in the magnets in the base of the speaker. I have checked info in the museum and it seems these types of speakers are 1k, 2k, or even 4k ohms. What should the resistance be on this speaker?

Secondly, if I rewind the coil and the resistance is "low" can I add a resister to bring it up to the correct value? I'm planning on rewiring it with as much #28 wire as I can get on there. Or should I use #32 or #40?

It appeares that someone had taken this apart before because the inside of the base is a mess. The original wire on the coil had come unwound because the spool was broken so there was no way to measure the original resistance. The original wire is extremely fine.


Al Amato, 17.Aug.16

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