ICF-7600A; Sony Corporation; (ID = 1112349) Radio
ICF-7600A; Sony Corporation; (ID = 1112350) Radio
ICF-7600A; Sony Corporation; (ID = 1112351) Radio
ICF-7600A; Sony Corporation; (ID = 1112352) Radio
ICF-7600A; Sony Corporation; (ID = 1112353) Radio
ICF-7600A; Sony Corporation; (ID = 1112354) Radio
ICF-7600A; Sony Corporation; (ID = 1112355) Radio
ICF-7600A; Sony Corporation; (ID = 1112356) Radio
ICF-7600A; Sony Corporation; (ID = 1112357) Radio
ICF-7600A; Sony Corporation; (ID = 1112358) Radio
ICF-7600A; Sony Corporation; (ID = 115958) Radio ICF-7600A; Sony Corporation; (ID = 115959) Radio
ICF-7600A; Sony Corporation; (ID = 656147) Radio ICF-7600A; Sony Corporation; (ID = 656148) Radio
ICF-7600A; Sony Corporation; (ID = 656150) Radio ICF-7600A; Sony Corporation; (ID = 656151) Radio
ICF-7600A; Sony Corporation; (ID = 656153) Radio ICF-7600A; Sony Corporation; (ID = 699261) Radio
ICF-7600A; Sony Corporation; (ID = 780808) Radio ICF-7600A; Sony Corporation; (ID = 780809) Radio
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ICF-7600A; Sony Corporation; (ID = 115958) Radio
Sony Corporation;: ICF-7600A [Radio] ID = 115958 923x700
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For model ICF-7600A, Sony Corporation; Tokyo
País:  Japon
Fabricante / Marca:  Sony Corporation; Tokyo
Año: 1983 Categoría: Radio - o Sintonizador pasado WW2
Semiconductores (sólo se cuentan los transistores) Hay semiconductores.
Principio principal Superheterodino doble o triple conversión
Gama de ondas OM, más de dos OC y FM
Tensión de funcionamiento Pilas + jack (etc.) para alimentación externa. / AA: 4 x 1,5 / 6 Volt
Altavoz Altavoz dinámico (de imán permanente) / Ø 7.7 cm = 3 inch
Potencia de salida
de Modelo: ICF-7600A - Sony Corporation; Tokyo
Material Plástico moderno (Nunca bakelita o catalina)
Forma Portátil de bolsillo , menor de 20cm.
Ancho, altura, profundidad 180 x 120 x 35 mm / 7.1 x 4.7 x 1.4 inch
Anotaciones coverage shortwave 49/41/31/25/19/16/13m, 76-108 MHz FM.
Peso neto 0.6 kg / 1 lb 5.1 oz (1.322 lb)
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Sony Corporation;: ICF-7600A
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sony: Repairing SONY ICF-7600A (...typical faults) - Part 2
Jose Mesquita

(Cont. of Point 5 - Badly worn volume sliding pot)

I ordered a small 15ml botle of "Conductive Paint" from Green Stuff World supplier, and used a small brush to apply 5 or 6 layers of paint over the left and right extreme sides near the terminals of the 10KR pot resistor. Did the same all over the cursor strip. We need to be patient on this job, by applying small amounts of thin layers at a time, and waiting at least 15 minutes between paintings. 

The result was better than expected. Audible noise when moving the sliding cursor was virtually eliminated and the sound control is now smooth.

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sony: Repairing SONY ICF-7600A (some of the typical faults)
Jose Mesquita

Got this radio model with a good external case and antenna.

I found and have fixed these problems, some are typical issues with this model:

1. Battery corrosion at the contacts: Cleaning using vinegar have fix it.

2. Tone switch contacts oxidation, resulting in audio loss: Dismantling the switch and cleaning have fix it.

3. Missing original Sony speaker: Found a Chinese similar model in UK eBay seller that looks identical to the original, same sizing and electrical specifications. Only difference is the original SONY label printed in the speaker.

4. Short Wave bands are dead (but FM and MW reception works fine):

Power supply rails are OK, oscillators are OK, but the antenna protection diodes (D6 to D9, 1S1555) were burned and in short-circuit. Replaced them with 1N4148 diodes, but it did not fix the issue.

Checked the SW RF AMP FET transistor Q5 (2SK192A) and it was in short-circuit between Dreno and Source. Replaced with a more modern 2SK241 and it resolved the problem.

Original 2SK192A found faulty.

5. Badly worn volume sliding pot, with audio loss: Found a Chinese similar model replacement, but this new component do not fit correctly in terms of size.

I prefer to leave the original potentiomenter in use, but it presents around 200KR instead of the nominal 10KR. The issue looks to be depleted conductive material at the low volume position near the riveted terminal. Also the same issue is shown at the cursor trace.

I have ordered some conductive paint with silver content, to apply on the affected zones and see the result.

Will let you know about the results.


Sony Corporation;: ICF-7600A
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