Audio Recorder Reproducer A810

Audio Recorder Reproducer A810; Studer-Revox; (ID = 1718395) Sonido-V
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Audio Recorder Reproducer A810; Studer-Revox; (ID = 1718395) Sonido-V
Studer-Revox;: Audio Recorder Reproducer A810 [Sonido-V] ID = 1718395 930x907
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For model Audio Recorder Reproducer A810, Studer-Revox; Schweiz
País:  Suiza
Fabricante / Marca:  Studer-Revox; Schweiz
Año: 1982 Categoría: Registrador o reproductor de sonido o visual
Principio principal Amplificador de Audio
Gama de ondas - no hay
Especialidades Grabadora de cinta
Altavoz - Este modelo usa altavoz exterior (1 o más).
Potencia de salida
de Modelo: Audio Recorder Reproducer A810 - Studer-Revox; Schweiz
Material Materiales diversos
Forma Sobremesa de cualquier forma, detalles no conocidos.

Professional Analogue Tape Recorder A810,
introduced in 1982 and that was produced still 1989. This recorder is highly versatile and configurable for different applications. Its modular construction is based on electronic modules interchangeable. It shares some modules with the A812 and A820 Studer tape recorders announced three years later. It is a robust machine working with an extremely precise control of the tape movement.  It uses magnetic tape with ¼” of width and accepts reels of tape with diameters up to 10 ¼”; conventional reels, NAB reels and cinema reels.

Tape speeds are available from 3.75/7.5/15 and 30 ips. Variable tape speed is provided by one of the available modules.

There are monophonic, stereo and four channel versions.

Most of the more relevant control parameters of the recorder are stored in a non-volatile memory. Some DC control voltages are converted to digital and digital words are stored in the memory.

Remote control is available through serial and parallel digital interfaces.

Recorder may be configured for rack mounting, mobile cart and other options.

The recorder may have or not VU meters. For radio broadcast studios unities without VU meters are normally preferred. These unities are working in a calibrated mode, without external gain control. For general recording applications, unities may have VU meters and potentiometers for adjusting record and play gains. The A810 is a remarkable piece of engineering from the mechanical and electronic points of view. Unities with VU meters are more expensive and desired by collectors.

VU meters and controllers may be placed in the main unity or in a over bridge unity.

.Frequency response of the recorder is 30 Hz a 20 kHz for tape speed of 30 ips.

The SNR ranges from 50 dB to 70 dB dependent on the number of tracks and tape speeds.

Weight of the recorder is 30 kg but it is dependent on version

Power consumption is 100 W (in idle mode ) or 300 W (during recording).

Peso neto 30 kg / 66 lb 1.3 oz (66.079 lb)
Precio durante el primer año 15'000.00 USD

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