Screened Grid 3

Yewdonia; GB

  • Año
  • 1933 ??
  • Categoría
  • Radio - o Sintonizador pasado WW2
  • ID
  • 103190

 Especificaciones técnicas

  • Numero de valvulas
  • 3
  • Válvulas
  • Principio principal
  • RFS con reacción (regenerativo); Screengrid 1926-1935
  • Número de circuitos sintonía
  • 3 Circuíto(s) AM
  • Gama de ondas
  • OM y OL
  • Tensión de funcionamiento
  • Baterías recargables o pilas
  • Altavoz
  • Altavoz magnético (sin saber mas) / Ø 8 inch = 20.3 cm
  • Material
  • Madera
  • de
  • Modelo: Screened Grid 3 - Yewdonia; GB
  • Forma
  • Sobremesa alto decorativa, similar a Capilla pero cuadrado (Tombstone, can have rounded edges).
  • Procedencia de los datos
  • - - Data from my own collection
  • Autor
  • Modelo creado por Bill Meacham. Ver en "Modificar Ficha" los participantes posteriores.

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Via an acquaintance in the UK I was able to find some tentative information regarding the provenance of this set. According to Mr. Gerry Wells, a well-known historian who owns a fantastic radio museum in Dulwich, South London, it was made by one of the small makers under the Plessey umbrella. Its still unknown why it would have Austrian components under the chassis but the coil covers and tuning cap are definitely Plessey as per Mr. Wells.
Furthermore he and others are in agreement that the set is from 1934 given the station markings on the dial. It is suspected that the set was a 'store model' possibly for Gamage's in London.
Its a 3-tube regenerative (reactive) battery set with 3 stages of RF selectivity. Uses valves (tubes) VP2, SP2 and PM2A. This is a fairly common circuit seen in some other sets of the era. Tunes 2 bands, Medium Wave and Long Wave. Battery voltage is 90-135 volts for B+, 1.5 to 2.0 volts for the filaments, and a pair of grid voltages -4.5 and -9.0

Bill Meacham, 12.Aug.06

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