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Hank Kaczmarski, United States of America (USA) - Tube collection

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Photo Hank Kaczmarski

Below you find a part of the tube collection Hank Kaczmarski.

I am an electrical engineer who had spent twenty five years maintaining a vintage television station. I initially maintained and later salvaged the old black and white orthicon cameras when they were replaced by color ones, have old RCA quad-tape tape machines and have all-tube vidicon film cameras stashed in some out-building somewhere on my farm. Some of that stuff might well show up in the Museum, but just doing the inventory of the tubes in each piece could take months. The last sixteen years have had a quite different focus, working at the National Center for Supercomputing Applications and now directing the Illinois Simulator Laboratory at the Beckman Institute of the University of Illinois. I've noticed that the components in supercomputers are considerably smaller than in the old tube cameras! (but maybe my eyesight has just aged?) I collect and will initially list in the Museum antique electronic musical instruments including carillons and organs; also WW2-era military electronics, tube-type test equipment and vacuum tubes. As time goes on, I will start to repair and list some of my collection of antique radios, but many of those items are in sufficient need of repair that they will have to wait for my retirement from the University.
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Excerpt from the tube collection of Hank Kaczmarski. These images (tube photos) were uploaded to the respective tubes or valves by Hank Kaczmarski.

Picture of USN-CAHG-5783WB gas tube.
Raytheon Mfg. Co.; Cambridge... USA
Raytheon QKK687 klystron tube profile.
Raytheon Mfg. Co.; Cambridge... USA
Original General Electric shipping box for a tube type VT-121.  Not the United States Navy acceptance date of October 1, 1942.
Common type USA tube/semicond. USA
Picture of an Eimac VT-129/304TL tube showing the Eimac-manufactured grid and plate heat sinks attached.
Common type USA tube/semicond. USA
Box from a Raytheon-manufactured United States Army VT-237 tube
Common type USA tube/semicond. USA
Box for a Machlett 2C39A tube.
Common type USA tube/semicond. USA
Box for an RCA 3E29 tube.  Note the nomenclature difference on the box from the other picture listed with this tube, that one being purchased by the United States Air Force, this one going to the United States Army and Navy in May of 1945
Common type USA tube/semicond. USA
Picture of a 5BDP7 dual-beam CRT.  Note the extensive number of pins located around and along the glass bulb.
DuMont Labs, Allen B., Inc. USA
Remnants of the shipping box for a General Electric GL-5FP7 CRT
Common type USA tube/semicond. USA
Shipping box with integral handles for an 8YP4 CRT
Common type USA tube/semicond. USA
Storage box for a Western Electric 452A Klystron.
Western Electric Company Inc... USA
Picture of an RCA tube type 575A showing the stepped tubular bulb style.
Common type USA tube/semicond. USA
Picture of 678 Thyratron tube with associated four-pin porcelain socket.
Box from a United States Navy 713A vacuum tube manufactured by the Tung-Sol Lamp Works and delivered in November of 1942.
Common type USA tube/semicond. USA
Box for a 723A/B United States Navy Klystron
Common type Worldwide tube/s... ZZ
Picture of an RCA 5762/7C24 high power tube.
Machlett manufactured high power cermet transmitting tubes; shown here is the ML-7007, similar to the tube type 6166, a 10 KW plate dissipation tetrode.
RCA 8025 Tube box stamped ' Order No. NXSS-19219 Accepted November 1943 U.S. NAVY
Common type USA tube/semicond. USA
Eimac box for 8533 tube.
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