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Info - Help for statistics

Since the end of July 2005, we show the respective activity within RMorg of all members. This information is withheld from guests.

Is automatically updated with each sign-in. When did the member log in the last time? On how many days within the immediately preceding 30 or 60 days did the member log in? (Counted in days, not months!). Only one log-in is counted per day.
First Log-in:
The date of joining RMorg. Counting began May 21, 2003

The quantity and type of contributions made by the member for the benefit of the collector community are listed here.Administrator activities are excluded.
The point are added after evaluation and confirmation by the administrators by a batch at night. For some items the statistics are kept only from July 18, 2005
Pictures:You see three items of points in brackets, most points for pictures of the own collection, second other pictures, third not model pictures (country, brand).

Dealer Prices:
Uploads and changes done in real time (as of July 28, 2005) are in the left column. The right column lists existing entries. This figure is re- calculated monthly, usually on the 28th of the month.

How does the member benefit from RMorg?
Schematics (15 points per "look up"):Retrievals are counted effective September 7, 2003.
Pictures (3 points when clicking middle sized to big size only):Large picture clicks are counted since April 11,2002 - tube/valve picture clicks since July 18, 2005.
Forum:No count.
The variation in the starting dates indicates when we began logging the respective activities.
Manufacturers, Models, Tubes/Valves:Logged since July 18, 2005
Prices for Sets and Tubes/Valves:Since July 18, 2005, clicking the "magnifying glass prompt" will trigger the statistical count.
Retailer List:As of July 18, 2005, here we are counting the opening of the Retailer List when the "magnifying glass prompt" is clicked.

It is our aim that through the transparency thus created that each member can see at a glance at what Brought In/Retrieved ratio (calculated Q) everyone is contributing. It makes it equally clear if someone is in RMorg exclusively for the purpose of sponging from it. RMorg's spirit is exchange, not sponging. Therefore at a certain point there is a block on delivery of large pictures and schematics to a member who is not contributing. The member will be unblocked automatically again after he/she becomes active for RMorg (in a balance). You can simulate UACS.[CMS: dsp_profile.cfm]
UACS - Statistics; last login; first login; logins in the past 30 days; logins in the 30 days preceding; brought in; Pictures (1800/1080/1350); Schematics (5400); Tubephotos (1800); Tech. tube pictures (1350); Forum posts; Collector prices (1080); Tube (coll.) prices (1080); Vendor prices (1080); Models (1800); Model changes (1080 per field); Tubes (Adm. 1350); Tube changes (Adm. 1080); Manufacturer (1800); Manufacturer changes (1350); Tube variants (1350); Tube var. changes (1080); Audio clips (1350); Audio images (1350); retrieved (downloaded); Pictures (x 3); Schematics (x 15); Forum; Models; Model prices (x 3); Manufacturer; Tubes; Tube prices (x 3); Vendor lists (x 3); Audio clips;