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History of the radio manufacturer  

Conar Instruments; Washington (DC)

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Name: Conar Instruments; Washington (DC)    (USA)  
Abbreviation: conar
Products: Model types

Conar Instruments Company of Washington, D.C. is an expansion of the National Radio Institute's student supply division that functioned primarily to supply test equipment to NRI students and graduates. In fact, the name 'Conar' is rather tortuously derived from the first letters of 'COmpany, NAtional Radio.' Conar was thus able to enter the market with a complete series of radio-TV test-equipment kits of proven design developed by NRI's technical staff.

Presently, Conar offers about twenty different kits with more in the developmental stage Some are rather unusual and exotic, such as their Model BOO closed-circuit TV camera kit that can be used with any TV set as a monitor and their metal locator kit that should go big with treasure hunters.


This manufacturer was suggested by Alexandre Lavoie-Girard.

Some models:
Country Year Name 1st Tube Notes
USA  65 Tube Tester 221    
USA  67/68 Color Generator 680   As kit: $ 83.50 
USA  76 Conar Appliance Tester 200   This is a portable tool for measuring resistance and ac current, ac voltage. 
USA  70 Tuned Signal Tracer 231   Conar Tuned Signal Tracer 231; For tracing signals, AM/FM radio, RF, IF & AF. 
USA  65 Signal Tracer 230 6AB4  Conar (Tuned) Signal Tracer 230 (KIT); For tracing signals, AM/FM radio, RF, IF & AF. 6... 
USA  70 Tube Tester 223    
USA  75 TV Pattern Generator 682   Conar 682 TV Pattern Generator; Six test patterns, NTSC FCC standard, color control, soun... 
USA  78 Tube Tester 224   Conar 224 Tube Tester, 11 valve holders, one instrument, neon lamp, manual test voltage... 
USA  46/47 R. C. Tester 311 6X4  Resistor (range 1 Ohm to 150 MegOhm) and capacitor (range 0.0001 µF to 1500 µF) tester. Le... 
USA  46 Signal Generator 280 12AU7A  170 kc to 60 Mc (for the old FM band). 
USA  68 Conar 800 TV Camera (Kit)   B/W TV Camera KIT für US Standard with Vidicon Tube, with built in RF Transmitter for VHF ... 


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