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Application for Membership

Thank you for your interest in becoming a member. We are looking for active individuals whose reason for joining is to help keeping the spirit of "Collectors helping Collectors" alive. Questions on any subject relevant to radio collecting are welcome as is the uploading of information or well-founded advice from "old hands".

We consider the public "Boards" within the Forum as technical magazines and "Papers" as a book on the subject.
In both areas, the emphasis is on quality. Having become a member, anyone may apply to be awarded the status of Editor (authorized to post replies everywhere). There is also an internal Forum ("Talk") for general use that is less strictly edited. However, on all other Boards highly qualified editors will reply to your queries on radio concerns no matter how basic your question is.

Please read the following carefully to see if you find our philosophy of operation agreeable.
Of course, you do have the option to continue and surf as a guest. We suggest that, before making this decision, you should browse RMorg as a guest for a while. Once you feel comfortable with our ideas of working together, we would be glad to receive your application for consideration. Here are resources from 7900 members.

By clicking on below, you accept the following conditions:

RMorg is a part of a Non-Profit-Organisation and not a club. A member has rights and duties which our points system UACS is regulating. As a member, you will log on with RMorg at least twice a year.

You contribute with some uploads of data and or pictures/schematics etc. but also can pay a further one time fee to get the points for more download. is entitled to use any data which you have uploaded, including but not limited to technical information, papers, pictures (or your own photo - no avatar please!), etc., for the purposes for which was established. You retain the right to publish any and all of these documents in other places and to defend your copyright thereto.

You will not pass on to a third party any data, pictures, etc. which did not originate from you. You are loyal to

RMorg may store all log data and use it internally.

You will adhere to all existing and future rules governing activities within the Forum. You don't enter false data into your profile. We reserve the right to suspend / cancel participation privileges.

Your emails to ....[AT] are not of private nature - we often use IMAP with a team of member admins.

Having duly noted the above plus the text below, please confirm your acceptance by keying Radiola into the prescribed field to get the online form - BEFORE YOU MAKE ANY PAYMENT


Steps leading to membership:

Please complete the questionnaire after entering below the online form with the code word (above):
Postal address, language, e-mail address, your year of birth and your private phone number are obligatory. The first three of these items will be accessible to other members - but not to outsiders and spiders.

When you have received our system email acknowledgment return to this page to complete the application.

Can you please send us an email listing some of the items in your collection (max. 10) and also name two or three relevant book titles by answering the automatic email to confirm your data? This will assist us in recognizing you as a bona fide collector. If, for whatever reason, this is not possible, please provide us with an explanation.

One time admission fee (to keep us going)

Option 1: Earn Your Admission

Option 2: Normal case - AFTER you have filled in the online form!
You do not have to be a member of PayPal to use it - a credit card is sufficient. Please click the logo and see.

The one-time administration fee of $25 (no annual fee if you are a bit active) can also be transferred to
Credit Suisse Luzern, account nr. 0463-952097-11
IBAN: CH11 0483 5095 2097 1100 0 and BIC: CRESCHZZ80A (for EU: don't use SWIFT but IBAN+BIC)
or in bills (20 Euro when from an Euro-country) - no cheque please - in a postal envelope to

Foundation Radiomuseum Luzern, Haltenriedstrasse 20, CH-6045 Meggen (Switzerland).

Please use the field above to get the online form first, and proceed for payment only after receiving the automatic email.
We will in any case send you the code by postal service to the address you enter on the online form. That code switches you on as a full-fledged member. Receipt of the one-time fee will be acknowledged by email. The membership administrator only works twice a week.

Please take note that the administrator will not be able to consider your application until the one-time fee has been received.

Should you get an error message, in red, above the proper field, you may have clicked GO with either an incorrect or missing password. The password can be found in this text above. If the problem persists despite using the correct password, there is a possibility that you operate your computer «CACHE ON» or you are using a proxy server. Permanent cookies must be allowed for