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History of the manufacturer  

Philips Electrical, Lamps, Industrial - Miniwatt; London

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Name: Philips Electrical, Lamps, Industrial - Miniwatt; London    (GB)  
Abbreviation: philips
Products: Model types Tube manufacturer Tube wholesaler

Philips Lamps Ltd.
145 Charing Cross Road, London WC2 (1938)
Century House, Shaftesbury Avenue, London WC2 (1939)

Philips Electrical Ltd.
Century House, Shaftesbury Avenue, London WC2 (1947)

Philips Electrical Industries Ltd.
Century House, Shaftesbury Avenue, London WC2 (1947)

Also: Philips Industral (division)

Philips produced receivers and rectifier tubes in Great Britain.

Founded: 1925

Philips Lamps Limited was formed in 1925 as a private company. [1] At this point, N.V. Philips in Eindhoven held 50% of the shares of Mullard. [2]

In 1939, all assets of the numerous British companies that Philips Netherlands held shares of were transferred to the Philips British Trust to avoid coming under the control of the Custodian of Enemy Property during the war. [2]

After the war in 1947, N.V. Philips reorganized its interest and formed Philips Electrical Industries Ltd. as a holding company. [2] At the same time Philips Lamps Ltd. changed its name to Philips Electrical Ltd. [3]

Philips Lamps Ltd. applied for membership in the BVA in 1929 when they began production of rectifying valves (the scope of the BVA being exenteded at the time to include such products). They were offered Associate Member status, which was later changed to full membership. Philips is later reported as a non-manufacturing member of the BVA. [2]

Other tubes have been largely imported to the UK and were sold under the brands Miniwatt and Dario, mostly by wholesalers. [2]

The first factory was located at New Road, Mitcham and manufacture began in 1932 (1929 according to [2]). Valves/tubes were made bearing the Philips and Condor brands. Very few Condor valves have been found to date.

The factory made TV picture tubes starting in 1949. Philips Research Laboratories (formerly Mullard) in Salford continued operations until 2007.

British Dario tubes are listed under the reseller entry Dario - Impex.

All mobile radio activities of Philips were acquired in 1996 by Simoco (now Simoco Wireless Solutions) a great company situated in Derby (United Kingdom).

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[2] Monopolies Commission report on the supply of valves, 1948
[3] Advertisement 1947

Some models:
Country Year Name 1st Tube Notes
GB  35 940A [Export with wooden case] E446  This has a British chassis, but the model is probably made elswhere, with Philips tubes an... 
GB  73 All Transistor Car Portable 13RP340 /00L /05L AF117  As a self-contained portable radio it is powered by 4 internal 1,5V dry batteries. As a ca... 
GB  65 AM/FM Stereophonic Radiogram F6G40AT (640AT) AF115  A mains powered AM/FM stereophonic radiogram with a 2 x 3 watt transistor amplifier, two l... 
GB  89–98 VHF/UHF Mobile Transceiver FM1000 FM1100   A vehicular transceiver for commercial uses, in Italy under license of "Ministero del... 
GB  49 492U UF42  405 Lines black and white table TV with single channel London, Birmingham or Holme Moss&nb... 
GB  68 80RL284 (RL284) 2SA71  A compact AM/FM transistor radio in a black cabinet with a silver loudspeaker grille. Sock... 
GB  70 Stereo Record Player 13GF824 (GF824) BC149  A mains powered mono/stereo record player fitted with a Philips GC047 4 speed autochanger ... 
GB  69 Stereo Record Player 13GF818 (GF818) BC148  A stereo record player with a 2 x 4W transistor amplifier and a Philips GC150 4 speed ... 
GB  52 Table Radiogram 522A ECH42  Table radiogram with a 3 band AM radio and a Philips 424A turntable. The radio chassis is ... 
GB  90 Radio Repeater PRF10 [PRF1050]   Radio Repeater for commercial communications between vehicles and fixed locations. Freq... 
GB  68 80RL284 2SA71  A compact AM/FM transistor radio with sockets for earphone/speaker, and external PSU. Wave... 
GB  69 Clock Radio 13RS273 (RS273) AF117  Compact mains operated clock and transistorised MW/LW radio, featuring a radio/buzzer alar... 


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