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History of the manufacturer  

Scott - Taggart (Author)

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Name: Scott - Taggart (Author)    (GB)  
ST = Scott-Taggart
Abbreviation: scott-tagg
Products: Model types Tube manufacturer

Scott-Taggart , Editor of "Wireless World","The Wireless Constructor" and other publications, had issued a number of construction envelopes for amateur use. Some were offered as kit by different manufacturers.

Scott-Taggart also offered a range of some 11 valves/tubes which were almost certainly made by another company. Advertising emphasised that they were invidually tested and approved and in the first years a certificate was issued personally signed by Scott-Taggart.


This manufacturer was suggested by Konrad Birkner † 12.08.2014.

Some models:
Country Year Name 1st Tube Notes
GB  32 ST300 [Battery] PM12  nach Plänen von John Scott Taggart. See also ReadiRad ST300 which is apparentl... 
GB  23 ST-100   Construction envelope. First issued in Modern Wireless (spring 1923). Mentioned in Sept... 
GB  33 ST500 PM12A  Ebonite panel and wooden base construction. Box optional. Originally published in 2... 
GB  36 ST800 PM12A  Scale with station names. Suggested design has no rear cover. The text suggests an ... 
GB  36 ST700 [Radio] unknown_Tube   
GB  36 ST700 [Radiogram] unknown_Tube  Probably a spring driven (cranked / windup) record player. In late 1920s & early 19... 
GB  32 ST300 [A.C. Mains] S4V  Similar to the ST300 battery version, mainly by subsitution of indirect filament (A.C.)... 
GB  32 ST400 PM12A  Multiple tap HT 120V pack. Mulitple tap GB 9V pack. Ebonite/Wearite panel and woode... 
GB  34 ST600 unknown_Tube  Actual Tuning scale with stations, but RF aerial tuning not ganged. Multiple regenerati... 
GB  36 ST900 unknown_Tube  Four Short wavebands as well as MW & LW. Tuning scale, but not ganged to separate 1... 
GB  37 All BBC   After the ST900, perhaps the last Scott Taggart kit.