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History of the manufacturer  

Sony do Brasil, Sony-Motoradio; São Paulo

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Name: Sony do Brasil, Sony-Motoradio; São Paulo    (BR)  
Abbreviation: sony
Products: Model types

Sony-Motoradio Comércio, Importação e Exportação Ltda.
Rua Inocencio Tobias 125, Parque Industrial Thomas Edison, São Paulo (1988)

Sony do Brasil Ltda.
Rua Werner Von Siemens 111, São Paulo (2016)


Major manufacturer of consumer and professional electronics, active in a wide range of product segments.

They always had good exposure due to their extensive line of products, which included virtually the entire range of audio and video as well as digital cameras, camcorders, computers, car radios etc., and professional products for radio and TV broadcasting.

Sony, like many other international companies operating in Brazil, has a factory in the Manaus Free Zone, to take advantage of the tax benefits of local production.

In the 1980s and 1990s they had a good share of the Brazilian market of audio and video, so they can be considered as a big brand at that time. In recent years, the market share declined due to the success of Korean brands and the steady decline of digital camera sales.

Founded: 1972
Production: 1973 -

Sony do Brasil Ltda. was founded 14. August 1972 as a wholly-owned subsidiary of Sony Corporation, with an initial capital of six million Cruzeiros. A factory for color television sets was planned in mid-1973, on an area in São José dos Campos near São Paulo. Production commenced the same year [1]. According to [2], production in Brazil only started in 1984 with the setting up of the Manaus factory.

From 1972 on, Sony tried to enter the the Manaus Free Trade Zone without success. A new bid with a $13 million investment program was decided on positively in 1984.

Between 1970 and 1978, Sony products were made by Sony-Motoradio, a joint-venture between Motorádio and Sony [3], a wholly owned subsidiary of Sony do Brasil in 1977.

In 1992, Sony decided to stop the production of radio-rerecorders in Brazil and import them from their associate companies in Taiwan and Korea.

1995 saw another investment of $10 million to increase production capacity of televisions, VCRs and sound systems by 40% at their factory in the Manaus zone.

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Some models:
Country Year Name 1st Tube Notes
BR  06 Sistema Compacto de Som MHC-RG590S   MW and FM PLL radio with 3 CD changer and dual logic cassette deck MW = 530 to 1710 kHz... 
BR  06 Sistema Compacto de Som MHC-GN900   MW and FM PLL radio with 3 CD changer and dual logic cassette deck MW = 530 to 1710 k... 
BR  06 Sistema Compacto de Som MHC-RG290     
BR  06 Sistema Compacto de Som MHC-RG490S   MW and FM PLL radio with 3 CD changer and dual logic cassette deck MW = 530 to 1710... 
BR  06 3 CD Changer Mini HiFi Component System MHC-RG190   Sony MHC-RG190 is a MW/FM PLL radio with 3 CD changer and dual logic cassette deck. ... 
BR  05 Mini System MHC-GT222   Sony MHC-GT222   2 Channel stereo, FM MW PLL radio with 3 CD changer US... 
BR  99 Doublet with ID=71252    
BR  08 Mini System MHC-EC68USB   Mini system com entrada USB Rádio AM/FM com sintonia PLL CD player para 3 discos Entrad... 


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