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History of the manufacturer  

Aleksandrov Radio Works (ARZ)

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Name: Aleksandrov Radio Works (ARZ)    (SU)  
alternative name:
Abbreviation: aleksandro

Aleksandrov Radio Works Die russische Site bringt gute Beispiele für die Produktion der UdSSR. Da sind auch die Signete zur genauen Identifizierung zu finden.

Beside civil radios and TVs this manufacturer produced many military and special devices. As security Radio Works in USSR, this manufacturer had the special adress - "Post Box M-5985".

Founded: 1932

The factory was founded in 1928 in Moscow in an old telegraph building for manufacturing of radio communication equipment. In the following year the factory was named Radio Factory N°3 Promsvyaz.

At September 2nd, 1932 Narkomsvyaz USSR (Narodnyj Komissariat Svyazi, NKS – National Telecommunication Commissariat) made a decision about transfer of the company to city Alexandrov. Since 1933 company was known as Alexandrov Radio Factory N°3 NKS, later Alexandrov Radio Factory only.

In 1936 the factory started mass production of radio devices. In 1939 company engineers develop a prototype of black/white TV set ATP-1, claimed to have better performance as foreign TV sets like from RCA. In 1941, when WW2 came to the USSR, the company was transferred to Kazakhstan, city Petropavlovsk under code name State Union Factory N°641.

Since 1947 the company developed the TV set KVN, his volume production started in 1949 with model KVN-49. In the meantime, development and production of military and commercial radioindustry devices continued. In 1962 company became a secret classified company with code name Factory M-5985.

Later on, the company was named again Radio Factory Alexandrovsk, PO Rekord, AOOT Radio Factory Alexandrovsk, OAO Radio Factory Alexandrovsk. In 1996 company founded a new one, ZAO Alexandrovsk „Standard“, logo „Record“.

Some models:
Country Year Name 1st Tube Notes
SU  61–78 Shoroh R-326 {Р-326} 1Ж29Б-В  AM/CW/SSB, coverage 1.0 - 20.0 MHz in six ranges, projection tuning scale, crystal IF filt... 
SU  63–80 Tsifra R-323 {Р-323} 1Ж29Б  FM/CW/SSB/AM, coverage 20 - 100 MHz in four ranges, projection tuning scale. Built-in powe... 
SU  49 ARZ-49 {АРЗ-49} 6А7   
SU  51 ARZ-51 {АРЗ-51} 6А10С   
SU  60–79 Volna-K - Волна-К 6К4П  coverage 12-60 kHz, 180-600 kHz and 1.5-23 MHz in nine ranges, turret tuner, AM/CW (BFO). ... 
SU  80 Tsifra R-323M - Р-323М   FM/CW/AM, coverage 20-100 MHz in four ranges. Digital scale - frequency discretion 1 KHz. ... 
SU  53 Iskra - Искра 53 1А1П  Band swich is down scale - move left-right horizontaly. Battery BNS-MVD-400 (1,2V) and BS... 
SU  58–71 Omega R-311 {Р-311} 2Ж27Л  AM/CW, coverage 1 - 15 MHz in five ranges. Built-in power-transverter for B+. Widely u... 
SU  55–71 Beta R-312 {Р-312} 2Ж27Л  Receiver for AM/CW/FM, coverage 15 - 60 MHz in five ranges. Widely used in the Soviet and ... 
SU  45–47 Rekord {Рекорд} 6А8  First USSR civil radio after WW2. Final stage on tube 30p1s or 25p1s. 30 Volt glow voltage... 
SU  37–40 SVD-9 {СВД-9} [scale round] 6К7  The model SVD-9 has two RF-stages. The first RF-stage is only for the SW 16 m band. Tube 6... 
SU  49–63 Televisor KVN-49 {КВН-49} 6AC7  Empfang von 3 nach OIRT-Norm arbeitenden TV-Kanälen im VHF-I-Band; Erzielbare Auflösung ... 


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