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History of the manufacturer  

Sterling Telephone & El. Co. Ltd.

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Name: Sterling Telephone & El. Co. Ltd.    (GB)  
Abbreviation: sterling
Products: Model types

Sterling Telephone & Electric Co. Ltd., Tottenham Court Rd., London W 1.

Closed: 1925
Sterling had its factory at Dagenham, where 2000 people were employed.
It was one of Marconi's "Associated Companies".
In August 1925 Sterling was taken over by Marconi, who moved their headquarters to Sterling's premises in Tottenham Court Road and thereafter had almost all their receivers made at Dagenham.

Some models:
Country Year Name 1st Tube Notes
GB  24 Horn (name unknown)   with spherical reflector, looks like a lamp shade 
GB  23 Sterling Baby   Der LS enthält ein hochohmiges (R=4000 Ohm)Magnetsystem im Fusse. Die Membran ist Teil des... 
GB  23 R1588 R-1588   BBC/PMG stamp, GPO No.2184; 
GB  23 Threeflex R 1590 DE3  Upright cabinet w.doors; crystal detector, 3 valve reflex; plug in coils for wave change; ... 
GB  23 R1533 R-1533   BBC/PMG stamp; GPO No.3185; 
GB  24 Regina 1618   plug-in coils for wave change; Lumiere cone speaker. 
GB  24 Anodion 1592   plug-in coils; BBC/PMG stamp, no GPO registration. 
GB  22 Sterling No.1   loading coil for LW. BBC/PMG stamp, GPO No.130; 
GB  23 A.1 Model No.2   Range switch, Variometer tuning. Wooden box with lid. GPO No.485; BBC stamp. 
GB  23 Sterling    
GB  23 Type No.R.1550    
GB  23 Dinkie    


Further details for this manufacturer by the members (rmfiorg):

Publicità del 1924.tbn_42.jpg
Advert for the Sterling Crystal & Valve Set R.1570 from Wireless World, April 18, 1923, page 4.tbn_uk_sterling_ad_ww_apr_18_1923_page_4.jpg
In August 1925 Sterling was taken over by Marconiphone, who moved their headquarters to Sterling's premises in Tottenham Court Road. From Wireless World, Aug 26, 1925, page 256.tbn_uk_sterling_notice_ww_aug_26_1925_p256.jpg
April, 1925 The Broadcaster and Wireless Retailer magazine page 41tbn_gb_sterlingtelephone_anodion_apr._1925_broadcaster_41.jpg