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History of the manufacturer  

Belmont Radio Corp. (B.R.C.); Chicago, Ill.

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Name: Belmont Radio Corp. (B.R.C.); Chicago, Ill.    (USA)  
Classique || Crusader || Freshman || Goodyear Wings || Imperial || Starck Classique || Truetone || Wings
Abbreviation: belmont

Belmont Radio Corp.; 5921 West Dickens Avenue, Chicago, Illinois - Trade names Classique, Crusader, Freshman, Goodyear Wings, Imperial, Stark Classique, Truetone, Wings

Also: Belmont Scientific Lab., Chicago, Ill. (~1930's)

Some models:
Country Year Name 1st Tube Notes
USA  47 6D14 12SA7   
USA  33 Crusader 35  Mfg by Belmont Radio Corporation and sold under the Crusader brand. Schematic is an ann... 
USA  56 Silvertone 6124 [Ch= 528.39402] 6BZ7  The SILVERTONE model 6124 is a 24" b/w TV with US standard VHF Tuner channels 2 thru 13... 
USA  49/50 Raytheon P-301 7DX22P [Series B Code 1] 6AG5  Belmont-Raytheon model P-301 is a 7-inch electrostatically deflected TV with an unmaske... 
USA  37 Wings 588    
USA  33 71A [2 bands]    
USA  35 675 [2 knobs]    
USA  35 Skyrover 550    
USA  35 575 [2 knobs]    
USA  33 Skyrover (made for unknown brand) 57  We have only photos from member Donald Patterson and his comments: "has the same... 
USA  40 Entertainment Radio Receiver REH Type CDL-46271 6SK7  The radio is a military morale receiver. Tuning eye. Broadcast band: 540 to 160... 
USA  35 775T    


Further details for this manufacturer by the members (rmfiorg):

Advertising from WW2 - artist's concept drawing - the television set never went into production.tbn_usa_belmont_adv1.jpg
Scanned from the Radio Retailing November 1937.tbn_belmont_prom_rr_nov37.jpg
Scanned from the Belmont Folder for 1941.tbn_belmont_folder_1941_p1.jpg
Scanned from the Belmont Folder for 1941.tbn_belmont_folder_1941_p2.jpg
Scanned from the Belmont Folder 1937.tbn_belmont_folder_1937_p1.jpg
Scanned from the Radio Retailing May 1939 back page.tbn_rr_may1939_ad_belmont_backpage.jpg
Scanned from the Radio Retailing May 1939 back page.tbn_belmont_logo.jpg
1945 Merger with Raytheontbn_usa_belmont_raytheon_merger_06april1945_tribune.jpg