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History of the manufacturer  

Remler Co. Ltd.; San Francisco

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Name: Remler Co. Ltd.; San Francisco    (USA)  
alternative name:
Gray & Danielson || Remler Radio Manuf.
Abbreviation: remler-co
Products: Others

Remler Company Ltd., 2101 Bryant Street, San Francisco, CA.: - Trade names Norco, Remler.

Founded: 1918
Closed: 1988
Remler Company Ltd. was one of the Elmer Cunningham Enterprises: Remler Company Ltd. was founded by Elmer Cunningham of vacuum tube fame (the name Remler is supposed to be Elmer spelled backwards with an extra R for Radio!), but by 1922 it was owned solely by co-founders Thomas B. Gray and Ernest G. Danielson.
Remler manufactured a wide range of parts: knobs, dials, coils, sockets, unit panels like variocoupler, variometer, amplifier,detector (audion), rheostat, potentiometer, lever switch, small standardized parts. See e.g. W.B.Duck Catalog No.16 (1921).

The company became the name "Gray and Danielson Mfg. Co." but the brand Remler was kept. In spring 1930, a fire destroyed the Remler factory at 260 First Street, but Gray and Danielson rebuilt the company headquarters at 2101 Bryant Street. Tom Gray died in 1931 and his son Robert took his post. In the late thirties, Remler employed about 70 persons. The company was renamed into "The Remler Company Ltd." in 1931. "Radio collector's Guide 1921-1932" lists 9 models (years 1921, 1922, 1925) as "Remler Radio Manufacturing Co." but believe this name never was a company name but the term "Remler Radio Manufacturing Plant" was used by some journals. The same book lists 2 models under "Gray & Danielson" for 1927 and 1930; in 1931 names a chassis for Gray-Danielson (not &).

In the 50ies Rembler gave up to make consumer radios. Instead Remler has built equipment like the R-122A/ARN-12, an airborne naviagion receiver or radar/communications incercept receivers like the S-120. In 1975 the majority of the fabricating equipment was sold, and Remler moved to Brisbane, just south of San Francisco. Most fabrication work was subcontracted, though engineering, testing, and light assembly were still done in their new location. Robert Gray Sr. died in April 1983, and left the company to his son, Robert Gray Jr. But President Robert Gray Jr. died suddenly in late 1987 in his 40's VP Paul Karp, who then took over for him, only lived a few more months. Business ceised in mid 1988.

Some models:
Country Year Name 1st Tube Notes
USA  99/99 Doublet ID = 85312 UV199  Modified with last audio tube being changed to UX-220 
USA  28 Twin Rotor Condenser 639   The Remler twin rotor condenser is often called a butterfly condenser. Both sets of pla... 
USA  19 Single Slide Loose Coupler [different slide mounting]   Remler made a line of loose coupler in 1919.  Six different types. Wavelength r... 
USA  19 Single Slide Loose Coupler   Remler made a line of loose coupler in 1919.  Six different types. Wavelength r... 
USA  19 Two-Slide Tuning Coil    
USA  25 Tuned Stage Transformer 610   Screw terminals on top. 
USA  25 Intermediate Frequency Transformer 600   Screw terminals on top. 
USA  39 93   Built-in loop antenna. 
USA  50 Intercom Equipment L100170    
USA  31 Midget    
USA  26 Popular Mechanics 8-Tube Superhet kit UX201A  Offered as "Semi Finished 8-Tube Super-Heterodyne". The basic set of Reml... 
USA  37 Norco 178 6A7  Beginning Serial #78143; The antenna is located over the variable condenser. 


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