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History of the manufacturer  

United Radio Corporation (Peerless); Rochester NY

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Name: United Radio Corporation (Peerless); Rochester NY    (USA)  
Abbreviation: united02
Products: Model types

United Radio Corporation
15 Clarissa Street, Rochester, NY (1928)

The United Radio Corporation, established in 1922, produced various products including headsets, phonograph parts, power supplies, and speakers.  Throughout its history it was a major independent producer of loudspeakers.  It is interesting to see how the company's products changed in tandem with 1920's audio technology--from headsets to horns to magnetic cones to dynamic cones, and finally reorganizing the company in 1928 to focus on electrostatic speakers.

Founded: 1922
Closed: 1928
Production: 1922 - 1928

Note: This page refers to the United Radio Corporation which was first established in Rochester, New York.

In 1922 there were several independent businesses in the United States named "United Radio", and this may cause some confusion about the company's early history. In addition to those shown on the posted picture/text, there were also "United Radio School", "United Radio Laboratories", and "United Radio Supply" -- all distinct from the Rochester company.

1922: United Radio Corporation is established in Rochester, New York. The company manufactures a variety of products including headphones, phonograph parts, power supplies, and loudspeakers.   

1924: The company focuses on sound reproduction. In the early years their best-known product is a fibre amplifying horn which they promote as the Black Beauty.

1926: As the industry technology in sound reproduction advances to cone speakers, United Radio patents a magnetic cone-type loudspeaker and introduces its series of patented Model 7 Peerless Reproducers which are first sold as both stand-alone speakers (Series A) and built-in components (Series B). This line of speakers is quite successful and the stand-alone models will be manufactured through Series C and Series D in the last years of the company's history.

1928: To keep up with advancing technology, United Radio begins producing dynamic cone speakers. Company profits from dynamic speakers are limited due to licensing fees required by patent-holders Lektophone and RCA.

1928: In an intensely competitive climate, United Radio seeks a new business model to ensure its future success. They pin their hopes on the development, production, and sales of their own patented electrostatic speakers. Their plans also include manufacturing radios using the new speaker and a huge, year-long promotional campaign.

To acquire the resources for this project, United Radio Corporation merges with speaker manufacturer Newcombe-Hawley, Inc. and several other companies. The consolidated companies are incorporated as United Reproducers Corporation in August 1928. United Radio Corporation becomes a department of the new corporation and discontinues business under the former name.

Some models:
Country Year Name 1st Tube Notes
USA  26 Peerless    
USA  28/29 7-A Peerless Magnetic Reproducer   The logo says: "Peerless Reproducer - Manufactured by United Radio Corp., Rochester, ... 
USA  99/99 Doublet with ID=84323   Magnetic speaker incathedral style cabinet. Grille in gothic motif. Slightly different bac... 
USA  28 7-B Peerless Magnetic Reproducer   Magnetic speaker in wooden cabinet for mounting inside of a radio cabinet; annular ring of... 
USA  99 Doublet with ID=102711   Magnetic speaker in wooden cabinet; annular ring of freely flexible inelastic material app... 
USA  24 Black Beauty   Black Beauty Horn Speaker 
USA  25 Peerless Headphones   Advertised as being on the market since 1921. 


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The name "United Radio" was widely used. This page is concerned with United Radio Corporation of Rochester, N.Y.tbn_usa_united02_1922_corp.jpg