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History of the manufacturer  

Clinton Mfg.Co.; Chicago, IL

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Name: Clinton Mfg.Co.; Chicago, IL    (USA)  
Abbreviation: clinton
Products: Model types

Clinton Mfg. Co.
1217 West Washington Boulevard, Chicago, Illinois

Founded: 1933
Closed: 1938

Clinton, Corona, Crusader, Cub, Bostonian, Buckingham, Federal, Harmony, Marshall, Nightengale, Universal, Westminster (with "Plant A" on license tag) Clinton Mfg. Co, 1217 W. Wash. Blvd, Chicago, Ill.

Clinton made many, if not all, of the radios sold  by Universal Battery Co. of Chicago.  Clinton also made many of the radios sold by the Silver Mfg. Co. of Chicago and those radios often have the same model number as similar Clinton radios.

The great majority of radios made by Clinton have an orange license label with the words "Plant A, Chicago".  Some radios have been reported to have a black and yellow label with the words "Plant C, Chicago".

Unconfirmed information is that the Clinton manufacturing operation was sold to Sonora Radio & Television Corp. of Chicago in 1938. 

One collector has found a Clinton license label inside a radio built by Sonora. 

The Sonora model 363-Clinton indicates that Sonora used Clinton as a trade name after Clinton Mfg. Co. was out of business.

Some models:
Country Year Name 1st Tube Notes
USA  34 Unknown 3   Internals of this radio are unknown but may be similar to the Clinton Model 155 except tha... 
USA  35 General 78  This radio uses the type 37 triode tube as a rectifier. The original speaker type is un... 
USA  35 234B-SW (234BSW) 6D6  The model number is written in pencil on the bottom of the set.  It is similar to oth... 
USA  37 701 [Late] 6J7   
USA  36 240 6A7  The model 240 requies a special L42C-54 ballast tube for operation of the shortwave band i... 
USA  36 195 6D6   
USA  36 61-A6 6D8G  Synchronous vibrator B+ supply in shielded enclosure. 
USA  37 445X 6K7GT  Updated version of model 440.  Appears to have added shielding around first RF stage.... 
USA  36 108 6A7  Unknown if this radio uses a ballast tube or resistor line cord 
USA  37 Unknown1 6A7  Possibly model 245 or a variation of model 53. Ballast tube is marked L42C-54. 
USA  34 Cub 6C6  Cub is one of the trade names used by Clinton. Model number of this radio is unknown. ... 
USA  37 601 [Late] 6J7   


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Clinton product listing for 1938. First side of multifold document.tbn_clinton_1938_front.jpg
Clinton product listing for 1938. Back side of multifold document.tbn_clinton_1938_back.jpg