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History of the manufacturer  

Burndept Ltd. London

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Name: Burndept Ltd. London    (GB)  
Abbreviation: burndept
Products: Model types Tube manufacturer

Burndept: the well established Burnham & Co had a wireless department, which became a separate entity when Witt Burnham established Burndept Ltd. as a private company.

Ethophone was the popular name for a number of models.

1925 they became a public company: Burndept Wireless Ltd. which later ran into financial problems: in June 1927 it was forced into receivership (Konkursverwaltung). But the company was not liquidated. The receiver (Konkursverwalter) took control and managed to recover to profitable working.

Ref.: Geddes/Bussey: The Setmakers

In 1925 Burndept introduced a series of valves: one bright emitter valve H.L.565, and eight dull emitter types.
After Burndepts bankruptcy in 1927 they ceased manufacture of valves and concentrated solely on radio equipment.
Ref.: Keith R. Thrower, British Radio Valves, The Vintage Years: 1904-1925.

Founded: 1922
Production: 1922 -
Burndept Generalvertretung Wien durch die Fa. Exoga, Wien 1, Stock-im-Eisen-Platz 3. Vertrieb von Burndept-Lautsprechern, Röhrenapparaten und Bestandteilen.

This manufacturer was suggested by Konrad Birkner † 12.08.2014.

Some models:
Country Year Name 1st Tube Notes
GB  23–34 Ethophone V No. 507 Mark II DE3  6 Volt valves(=Mark II?) Wave change by plug in coils. Also with 6 Volt valves(=Mark II?)... 
GB  21 Burndept 1 R_England  Two unit set; Wavebands by plug in coils; In fact made by Burnham & Co.,not Burndept Ltd (... 
GB  22 Ethophone No.1 [early (w/o range switch)]   BBC/PMG stamp; GPO No.114; Identical to Sterling No.1(GPO No.130); 
GB  24 Ethophone Duplex   Plug-in coils for various wave ranges; black moulded ebonite, valves and coils visible. 
GB  24 Ethovox RL2/20   Two Versions available: 120 ohms or 2000 ohms; 
GB  22 The Ethophone Junior   BBC/PMG stamp, GPO No.113; 
GB  24 Ethophone Junior Mk.II (2)   BBC/PMG stamp, GPO No.113 (same as the early version). 
GB  25 Ethophone V (5) Mark V (5)   plug-in coils for various wave ranges; double front doors. 
GB  25 Ethophone III (3) Mark III (3)   Grid-leak detector, resistance-capacity-coupled LF valve, transformer-coupled LF valve. 
GB  26 Ethodyne   Mahogany cabinet with open front or double doors. Wave ranges 230-600, 600-1200 and 1000-2... 
GB  26 Ethophone III (3)    
GB  27/28 Short Wave Receiver Mark IV (4) L525  The Short Wave Receiver Mark IV has originally eight plug-in coils to cover 12-100m. Mahog... 


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Werbung in der Zeitschrift Radiowelt 1926, Heft 11tbn_gb_burndept_werbung_1926.jpg
February 18, 1922 The Wireless World magazine covertbn_gb_burndept_ultra_iv_feb._18_1922_wireless_world_cover.jpg
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