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History of the manufacturer  

Zenit, Prelouc

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Name: Zenit, Prelouc    (CS)  
alternative name:
Myslik-Hyrsovsky, J.V. akc. spol., Prelouc
Abbreviation: zenit
Founded: 1920
Closed: 1930
Production: 1921 - 1930
Fouded Dec.15.1920 as J. V. Myslik-Hyrsovsky a spol. In 1925 changed name to Radio Zenit. In 1928 SIEMENS-HALSKE bought 49% of shares and company name was then changed to RADIOTECHNA and start production under TELEFUNKEN license. T40W was the 1st model produced in Prelouc. After the WW II the company continued as TESLA, National Enterprise.

This manufacturer was suggested by Eduard Pavlik.

Some models:
Country Year Name 1st Tube Notes
CS  27 Two Valve Receiver R.041    
CS  27 Selektor R.102    
CS  27 Neutro-Zenit R.055    
CS  29 R.283 A    
CS  27 AF Amplifier R.072    
CS  28 R.042    
CS  28 CQ Universum R282   Metal pedestal, paper wafer. 
CS  24 Horn Speaker Amplion R 281   Mahogany horn. Not common with the british Amplion manufacture. 2000 Ohms. 
CS  24 AF Amplifier R2.061    
CS  24 AF Amplifier R1.062    
CS  28 R.155 RE074  Lizenzfertigung des Siemens Neutro Rfe24. License manufacturing of the Siemens Neutro R... 
CS  28 Protos R.153 RE064   


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