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Bell Sound Systems; Columbus (OH)

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Name: Bell Sound Systems; Columbus (OH)    (USA)  
Abbreviation: bellsound
Products: Model types Others

Bell Sound Systems, Inc., 555 Marion Road, Columbus 7, Ohio.

Founded: 1932
Closed: 1965
Bell Sound Systems, Inc., 555 Marion Road, Columbus 7, Ohio: Has made many communication systems, audio amplifiers, record players with audio amplification and tape recorders etc. It is believed that the 1948 Rider PA Manual has 74 pages of Bell schematics.

"Bell Sound was founded almost twenty-nine years ago, in February 1932.  The Company's first products were auto radio sets and quartz crystals for controlling frequency of radio transmitting stations.  Later, a line of public address equipment was added.

Today, Bell manufactures a full line of stereophonic components, tape cartridge players and stereophonic component-consoles.  It is still engaged, exclusively, in the manufacture of electronic products for home entertainment.

As a division of Thompson Ramo Wooldridge Inc., Bell is today associated with a company whose scientific, engineering and manufacturing talents are already pre-eminent in the field of electronics, missles and nuclear energy.  Through the application of advanced research, development and production in electronics for home entertainment, the combined resources of Bell and TRW assure that the Bell Stereo Music System you select for your home is the very finest available to you anywhere."

This manufacturer was suggested by Gottfried Silberhorn.

Some models:
Country Year Name 1st Tube Notes
USA  51 RC-47 7F7  Record changer and record cutter for 10" and 12" records (33 1/3 or 78 rpm); phonograph an... 
USA  54 2122-C 6SC7  Hi-Fi 10-Watt amplifier. 
USA  56 2256   12-Watt amplifier. 
USA  55 2255 12AT7  AM-FM basic tuner. 
USA  56 2199-B   Deluxe 12-Watt amplifier. 
USA  55 2200C 6SC7  Mono hi-fidelity amplifier initially sold without the cage.  Later available with either a... 
USA  54–56 3-D 12AY7  The Bell Sound model 3D is an AC operated Binaural Ausio Amplifier with equalization and p... 
USA  55/56 RT-75 Tape Recorder 12AX7  The 3-speed tape recorder and play back unit model RT-75 allows the following speeds: 1 7... 
USA  56 2260 Cub-Corder 3S4  7 1/2 and 3 3/4 inches per second battery-operated, portable tape recorder. Dual track, 5"... 
USA  56 2261 Cub-Corder 3S4  The Bell Sound model 2261 Cup-Corder is similar to model 2260, with different speed option... 
USA  61 2441   Tuner. 
USA  54 PA3715-B 6AU6  The Bell Sound model PA3715-B is an AC operated 3 channel 15 watt audio amplifier. We don'... 


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Scanned from the Radio Retailing March 1946 page 144.tbn_bell_prom_mar46_page144.jpg
Scanned from the Radio Retailing November 1946 page 157.tbn_rr_nov46_p157.jpg
Scanned from the Radio Retailing February 1947 page 160.tbn_rr_feb47_p160.jpg
Scanned from the Radio & Television Retailing March 1947 page 184.tbn_rr_mar47_p184.jpg
Scanned from the Radio & Television Retailing April 1947 page 143.tbn_rr_apr47_p143.jpg
Scanned from the Radio & Television Retailing May 1947 page 165.tbn_rr_may47_p165.jpg
Scanned from the Radio Retailing February 1939 page 51.tbn_rr_february1939_ad_bellsound_p51.jpg
Summary of Bell Sound consoles known to date. Anyone with link can edit for future updates.
First consumer cartridge tape recorder?tbn_usa_bell_sound_15may1961_billboard_p55_tape_cartridge_recorder.jpg
from Bell sales booklet, All About Stereo, 1960, page28tbn_usa_bell_sound_all_about_stereo_p28.png

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Bell Sound Systems; Columbus (OH)
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Deciphering Bell Sound serial numbers
Matt Endicott

Recently I found a service notice for a Bell Sound 6060 amplifier which has been uploaded.  The notice said the circuit change would be effective beginning with serial numbers starting with 29.  Given that bit of information I created a spreadsheet to examine Bell serial numbers and discovered a pattern.  This pattern of rules appears accurate at least during TRW's ownership beginning in 19531.  (edit) I have now found two Bell products made pre-TRW and serial numbers appear to follow the same patterns.  The model/serial number combinations were found by examining photos from, ebay, google images, and one or two came from soliciting users at  If anyone has additional combinations to share please let me know and I will add them to the spreadsheet linked below.

Bell Sound Serial No rules:

From LEFT to Right:

1st digit = production run

2nd digit = year

3rd -  6th digits = sequential unit number

Sequential unit numbers appear to be within the context of the production run and year.


Model 3030 serial number 190220 = 1st production run, 1959, 220th unit made.

Model 3030 serial number 580423 = 5th production run, 1958, 423rd unit made.

One might assume serial number 190220 to have been made earlier than 580423, but now we see that assumption would be incorrect.

Here's a link to the spreadsheet I created:

Google Spreadsheet

1. TRW: Pioneering Technology and Innovation Since 1900, Davis Dyer, 1998



Bell Sound Systems; Columbus (OH)
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