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History of the manufacturer  

KLH R&D Co.; Cambridge (MA)

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Name: KLH R&D Co.; Cambridge (MA)    (USA)  
Abbreviation: klh

Henry Kloss, Malcolm S. Lowe and J. Anton Hofman founded in 1957 the 'KLH Research and Development Corporation', using the first character of their names: 'KLH' (Kloss, Lowe, Hofman). Initiated to produce loudspeakers, later also electronic products. 

1967 'KLH' was sold to 'Singer Corporation'. Later it was bought by 'Electro Audio Dynamics Inc.' and moved to California in 1980. The company is now known as 'KLH Audio Systems' located in 11131 Dora Sreet, Sun Valley, California.

Founded: 1957

This manufacturer was suggested by Georg Richter.

Some models:
Country Year Name 1st Tube Notes
USA  78 Transient Noise Eliminator TNE7000A   19"-unit to remove ticks from phono playbacks. 2 channels with totally 26 op-amp stages pl... 
USA  78 Dynamic Noise Filter DNF1201A   2-channel dynamic noise filter for audio signals. Bandwidth controller with sliding low-pa... 
USA  60 FM Receiver Model Eight (8) 6BS8  KLH FM Receiver model Eight.Tuner and multiplex output, for use with KLH model Eight louds... 
USA  60 Model Eight Preamplifier   For use with KLH Model Eight Receiver, RCA terminals for Magnetic Phono Input / Tape Input... 
USA  69 FM Receiving System Model Twenty-One (21)    
USA  70 All Transistor FM Multiplex Tuner Model Eighteen (18)   KLH Eighteen 18, All Transistor FM Multiplex Tuner; RCA fixed and volume controlled stereo... 
USA  72 High Performance FM Radio Model Twenty-One/II (21/2)   KLH Twenty-One 21/II; Black speaker covering. 
USA  70 Solid State Radio Receiver Model Twenty-Seven (27)   KLH Twenty-Seven 27, Solid state stereo receiver; Separate AM and FM tuning dial, tuning m... 
USA  64 Stereo Portable Phonograph Model Eleven (11)   30 watt peak all-transistor stereo amplifier; Garrard AT-6 4-speed record changer. Pick... 
USA  70 Radio-Phono Combination Model Nineteen (19)    
USA  72 AM-FM Radio Model Twenty-One (21)   This is a later version of the original Model Twenty-One/II which was FM only. Audio stag... 
USA  86 Mirror Image Loudspeaker system 160   KLH Loudspeaker System model 160; 2-way speaker system with 8" wooferand 1&quo... 


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