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OMGS, O.M.G.S.; New York

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Name: OMGS, O.M.G.S.; New York    (USA)  
Abbreviation: omgs
Products: Model types

c/o North American Foreign Trading Co.
1115 Broadway
New York, NY 10010 (1971)

Brand of transistor radios and tape recorders imported from the Far East by the North American Foreign Trading Co. 


This manufacturer was suggested by Wolfgang Scheida.

Some models:
Country Year Name 1st Tube Notes
USA  60 Transistor Radio Battery OMGS by Northamerican 006P   Made in Scotland (GT. Britain). 
USA  64 Miny 777   Portable open reel tape recorder with remote control, 2 Motors. 
USA  60 7 Transistor 700   Shirt pocket radio. 
USA  65 1220A   Alternate 465 kHz IF, earphone jack. 
USA  65 Suburbia XII 12 Transistor 1296   Oval look speaker grill. 
USA  63 Ten Deluxe Ten Transistor (10) PTR-102N    
USA  63 The Princess TRN-8036   Ferrit-Antenne 54 mm flach 13 x 4 mm, Drehko: SANKAISHA Japan, Filter: Pat Pend RCL, Trans... 
USA  65 Transistor Phonograph TRPH-101   Imported by North American Foreign Trading Corp. in New York. 
USA  63 Transistor Eight Micro 1111    
USA  62 High Quality Tubular Speaker 564   Röhrenförmiger Lautsprecher als Zweitlautsprecher mit enormer Klangfülle für batteriebetri... 
USA  99 Doublet ID = 125340   O.M.G.S. Ten Transistor deluxe model PTR-102N with hard leather case and strap,supplied in... 
USA  60–63 6-Transistor TRN-6040    


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OMGS, O.M.G.S.; New York
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omgs: What does "O.M.G.S." mean ?
Boris Witke


From time to time japanese portable transistor radios show up, branded "O.M.G.S.". Today, it's anyone's guess what O.M.G.S. stands for. Besides some funny interpretations (" Oh My GodnesS") there is no information about it. Does anybody know what "O.M.G.S." stands for ?

Regards, Boris Witke

Daniel Consales


I found this in the net:

"Tokyo Transistor Industry Co Ltd manufactured radios under many brand names and successfully marketed them through department and drug stores. They produced radios bearing names such as Universal, Omegas, Goldtone, O.M.G.S, Krysler, Candle & probably others."

But there was no hint what "O.M.G.S" really stands for ...

Regards, Daniel Consales

Boris Witke

Hello Mr. Consales,

Thank You very much for Your investigation. Now we know that Tokyo Transistor Industry is the manufacturer, and Candle, OMGS, Universal and others are the Brands oft this company. I already had assumed this fact, as the bottom side of the PCB of my 8- Transistor OMGS is labelled with " TOKYO TRANSISTOR INDUSTRY CO, LTD ". You can see this in one of the pics linked to the model.

Anyway, the question of the meaning of " O.M.G.S. " is still open.

Boris Witke

Georg Richter

Stop: As this is not related to one model only, please contact a moderator to move this thread to OMGS.

There are much more complications which shall be evaluated.

Kind Regards,


OMGS, O.M.G.S.; New York
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