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History of the manufacturer  

Omsk Kozitsky Devices Works

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Name: Omsk Kozitsky Devices Works    (SU)  
Abbreviation: omsk
Products: Model types Others

Started in July, 1941, when "Works No. 210" ("Kozitsky Works") arrived in Omsk from Leningrad. Military production during the WWII, later switched to specific classified equipment. In the post-war period manufactured some broadcast receivers, too.

Manufacturer works to date ...

Founded: 1941

This manufacturer was suggested by Zenonas Langaitis.

Some models:
Country Year Name 1st Tube Notes
SU  63–78 Molibden R-154-2M {Р-154-2М} 12Ж1Л  Hight class profesional military AM, CW receiver. Widely used in Soviet and Warzaw allies ... 
SU  42–56 Umformer RU-11AM {РУ-11АМ}   26V/220V DC motor/generator changer. Used for Soviet army armour transceiver 10RT-26 suppl... 
SU  79–81 Sibir' {Сибирь}   AM, USB/LSB, FM Marine receiver. Coverage 1,5 - 29,999 MHz in 10 ranges. Receiver very sim... 
SU  79–81 Cicloida (Cikloida)   Marine receiver, coverage 10 kHz - 29,999 MHz,tuning step 10 Hz, AM,CW, USB/LSB; matching... 
SU  49 UDL-1 {УДЛ-1} 2Ж2М  Battery supplied amplifier for crystal radio. 
SU  59 Sputnik - Спутник [1] 6Н14П  Televisor Sputnik, Спутник; ~35 cm b/w TV with OIRT 12 channel VHF turret tuner, three st... 
SU  61 Sputnik {Спутник} 61 35ЛК2Б  Televisor Sputnik-61, Спутник-61; ~35 cm b/w TV with OIRT 12 channel VHF turret tuner, 13... 
SU  79–89 Yermak {Ермак} Souvenir radio