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Rogers Batteryless Radio Co.; Canada

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Name: Rogers Batteryless Radio Co.; Canada    (CDN)  
alternative name:
Radio Company Canada
Brand: Standard Canada
Abbreviation: rogersbatt
Products: Model types

Edward Samuel Rogers founded the Standard Radio Manufacturing Corporation in 1925 to manufacture radios using his AC-tubes Rogers. This was later called Rogers Batteryless Radio Co.; Canada.

Founded: 1928
Rogers founded first the Radio Company, Ltd. of Toronto in 1924, then Standard Radio Manufacturing Corporation in 1925 which he changed 1928 into Rogers Radio Tube Company, Ltd. This bacame later Rogers-Majestic and was bought 1946 by Philips.

We still have to find out the true history of the company which produced radios!
On Aug 26, 1925 Rogers Radio Ltd. of Toronto Canada started production of a revolutinary A.C. heated triode which had recently been perfected by the company's founder E.S. "Ted" Rogers Sr. The company was already producing rectifier tubes for use in B battery eliminators and was now in a position to fulfil Rogers dream of offering to the public a completely "Batteryless" set. The radio sets using these tubes were produced by the Standard Radio Manufacturing Co. Ltd. which Rogers had set up in May of 1925. The earliest Rogers triodes in commercial production, the Type 20 and Type32, were Rogers famous improvement on the McCullough/Kellogg designs and had a similar "reverse S" shaped envelope and a bakelite cap with the filament connections (overhead supply).

This manufacturer was suggested by Mark Hippenstiel.


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Rogers Batteryless Radio Co.; Canada
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E.S. Rogers "Radio Talks"
Georg Richter
  1 Edward Samuel Rogers seems to be very convinced of his products and issued "Radio Talks" in Monday newspaper(s). This is an example (from about 1936?):

"Radio tubes are, perhaps, the most vital part of radio. The discovery of tubes banished the old nerve-straining crystal set and gave us the permanent reliable radio entertainment we enjoy today.

The next steps was my development of the A C Tube - which made possible for the first time a radio - Rogers Radio - which operated from the ordinary electric current in the home. That was eight years ago - eight eventful years in which Rogers had time and again introduced new standards of radio performance. But time makes all things obsolete.

This year Rogers Radio introduces in its seven new models, five new types of fully guaranteed tubes that start where the original A C tube leaves off - and mark a decided improvement in tubes. These Rogers tubes, procurable only in the new Rogers and Majestic radios, are entirely new - in shape, design and principle. No mere words can express the difference they make. Only a demonstration can prove their ability to increase power and volume, their active sensitivity in finding stations, their power in recreating pure unspoiled tone beauty.

With all these advantages the new Rogers tubes, combined with other Rogers features, act a new high mark for others to aim at.

Next Monday I will tell you of another Rogers achievement - All-Wave Reception."


Kind Regards
Rogers Batteryless Radio Co.; Canada
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