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History of the manufacturer  

Utah Radio Products Co.; Salt Lake City + Chicago

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Name: Utah Radio Products Co.; Salt Lake City + Chicago    (USA)  
Abbreviation: utah
Products: Model types Tube manufacturer

Utah Radio Products Co., Salt Lake City + Chicago, Ill. Known as manufacturer of loudspeakers, transmitters and transformers from the mid 1920's on. Address in 1930 was 1737 S. Michigan Ave., Chicago.

In 1929 Caswell-Runyan merged with Utah Radio Products Co., to build a radio reception combination.
In the mid fifties Utah Radio Products Co. moved to a new plant in Huntinghton, Indiana.

Manufacturer of vibrators. (1937)


1946 they merged with International Detrola Corp.

We received a picture from a guest of a paper tape tape recorder called "magictape by utah" which seems to be very early, perhaps late 1940s. The same term magictape is shown for Pyrox in Australia in December 1950 with a note that it comes from Armour Research foundation of Chicago, USA. At about the same time a Crestwood Recorder Corporation announces "MagicTape Equipment".


This manufacturer was suggested by Wolfgang Scheida.

Some models:
Country Year Name 1st Tube Notes
USA  56 HF- 600 Quartet   Corner bass reflex. One 12" woofer and three 3.5" tweeters. 30 to 15500Hz, 18W. M, B or C ... 
USA  56 HF-800 Esquire   Bass reflex enclosure with one 12" woofer and three 3,5" tweeters. 40 to 15000Hz, 16W. M, ... 
USA  56 HF-400 Trio   Trio was a high frequency enclosure, intended to extend the frequency response of radio an... 
USA  56 HF-100 Brillante   Labyrinth type enclosure with one 12" hi-fi speaker. 30 to 10000Hz, 10W. M or B suffix, de... 
USA  56 HF-500 Chordette   Chordette HF 500 speaker system used one 8" woofer and one 3.5" tweeter. 8W. Suffix M, B o... 
USA  56 HF- 300 Concerto   Two-way, four speaker, labyrinth type enclosure. One 12" woofer plus three-tweeter high fr... 
USA  37/38 Junior Kit P-5604 6F6G  Beginners 25 Watt CW Xtal controlled transmitter kit, all amateur bands with only one coil... 
USA  49 7001    
USA  46 550   This changer is designed to play and automatically change 12 10" or 10 12" records. 
USA  25 Model 16 "Drum"   Metal housing mahogany finished, and repwood base. 
USA  25 Superflex   Inverted horn speaker, looks like a bell. 
USA  25 Junior   Cone Speaker, magnetic. Pedestal available. 


Further details for this manufacturer by the members (rmfiorg):

"Utalins" 1944 adverttbn_us_utah_radio_products_utalins_advert_1944.jpg
Scanned from the Radio Retailing October 1928 page 3.tbn_rr_october28_ad_utah_p3.jpg
Picture of a shipping box provided by Jody Stotttbn_utahradioproducts_box.jpg
Electro dynamic speaker. Own collectiontbn_utha_regal_international_103_m_9.jpg