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History of the manufacturer  

Alaron Inc.; Auburn Hills, MI

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Name: Alaron Inc.; Auburn Hills, MI    (USA)  
Abbreviation: alaron
Products: Model types

Alaron Inc.
185 Park Street
Auburn Hills, MI

Supported by B & B Import & Export Co., 15755 Wyoming Ave., Detroit, MI 48238
US import label of far east (Japan, later China).  Made consumer electronics in the ~1960s - ~2000s. 

Unproven relationship probably to "AI Alaron" Label of Alaron INC.; 1980s CB equipment made in Korea.

Founded: 1959

This manufacturer was suggested by Wolfgang Scheida.

Some models:
Country Year Name 1st Tube Notes
USA  75 AM-CB-FM Band B565   Made in Hong Kong 
USA  61 Eight Transistor T-888 (?)   See also Pearl Tone. Made in Japan 
USA  66 9-Transistor Transceiver B-919   Alaron B-919, 9-Transistor Transceiver; 27 MHz, hand-held shaped. 
USA  65 10 Transistor AM-VHF Radio B-10AP   Alaron B-10AP, 10 Transistor AM-VHF Radio; AM & US VHF Police Band. 
USA  65 4-Transistor Tape Recorder HR-408A   Alaron HR-408A, 4-Transistor Tape Recorder; Reel to reel, monaural, single speed, mic and ... 
USA  65 B-506   Alaron B-506; Reel to reel tape recorder, single speed, monaural, mic. & rem. in, earphone... 
USA  63 9-Transistor Transceiver STR-908   Alaron STR-908, 9-Transistor Transceiver-Citizens Band; 27 MHz Xtal operated, AM single c... 
USA  78 Stereo Multiplex   Alaron Stereo Multiplex; Stereo receiver, FM: 88 - 108 MHz, AM: 540 - 1600 kHz, Pilot ... 
USA  65 3-Speed 6-Transistor Portable Radio Phonograph B-6RP   Alaron B-6RP, 3-Speed 6-Transistor Portable Radio Phonograph; 
USA  70 The Space Age Space Car Shape Transistor Radio B-70 (SR-7) (Japan 715)   Alaron "The Space Age" Solid State Space Car Shape Transistor Radio B-70; Batte... 
USA  63 Deluxe HiFi B-666 2SA160  Made in Japan 
USA  68 Solid State 7 Mini B-77   Red micro transistor radio. Comes with red zipper case, earphone and battery. Made in H...